Monday, July 5, 2010

Another great clip from "Uncle Joe's collection"

More from Spanktronic. Not sure who the players are but the spankee is gorgeous and the spanker is great at what she does, SPANKING!


Ron said...


Well now not sure what she did to the roses but her bottom sure paid for it.

Awesome domestic over the knee sound spanking, great red bottom!

Thanks for sharing


GeorgeI said...

Well, a woman with an adult daughter shouldn't use only her bare hand.
Very little embarassment and as stinging as a mosquito!

Anonymous said...

Wow sensational Veronica- so agree with your comments ! Stinging red botty, job done mom !

But Oh my, a strict, loving mommy, I also agree with Georgel - a naughty daughter in possession of a pale, sensitive botty might benefit from a visit from mom's wooden spoon in the kitchen drawer ! Oucheees to botties Veronica ! Get the message through on "bare essentials", loud and clear ! Or my lil' rattan switch in the cupboard !!

I call this the "hornets nest" Veronica, always more effective than "stinging as a mosquito". My sister and I coined this phrase "hornets nest" as lil' girls in the early 1970s as we gotten punished with mom's rattan cane ("switch").
Such a pretty spankee, is this naughty daughter, Veronica. And a fabulous superhero mommy too with her Georgia style hat. So reminds me of my own strict, Southern, traditional mom.
If my elderly mother saw this, she would be saying that this tender bottomed daughter should be feeling the sting of my mother's lil' cane on the lily-white skin of her bare backside. No half-measures. Just as my sister and I gotten a switchin' at home (with our panties always down) in the 1960s/70s. Harsh but fair, back then.

I find Southern style spankings like this impossibly lovely and awesome Veronica. My hubby is not from the South and enjoys a broad spanking church (as do I ) but stern, formal mother-daughter spankings were a key fact of life for me for quite a few years (!) in a very strict, conservative household and community. Yes, shame Spanktronic are not around. But your delicious Blog is Veronica.....thankfully !
The Naughty Lil' One , Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, I recognize these players Veronica (from my autobiography already !!)
Seeing this again - oh my, what a lovely strict, caring mommy she is Veronica. I've loved those typical Southern moms over time. I gotten to be surrounded by them, first as a strictly raised lil' Southern belle in a Church-based neighborhood in the 1960s ("don't spare the rod", already) and secondly as a strict, loving mom (a hard-working and home-maker mom) raising two daughters in the 1980s !

Like mother, like daughter....I sure recognize the familiar scene of this video Veronica. A normal and necessary part of family life. Naughty botties on show !!

Oh my, I can hear my strict, religious mother advocating the rattan switch for the bare botties naughty daughters and granddaughters! She was so right. Still hold the same views already (now in her 80s) her strict values Veronica.
Is this is one of he greatest ever mom/daughter videos ?
Strict Mommy Brenda xx