Monday, July 12, 2010

Barefoot and spanked!

One day I was doing some house work in the kitchen. It was a rather hot day so I wore a very light dress with no undergarments to include no socks or shoes. I didn't think much of of it but my husband began to tease me and said something like how he likes his wife barefoot and pregnant. I don't know about you ladies out there but I for one find the term to be a bit on the degrading side. I'm not much of a feminist but I do have a job and feel that in today's economy both husband and wife need to both work to make ends meet. To make a long story short we got into a heated argument about how I can't take a joke. I just sat there and began to pout until finally he apologised and said he will use a new term "barefoot and spanked!" That brings us to my next photo-set. I do admit I like that term better, besides I have pretty feet.


Brett said...

Any time you're in the house not wearing undergarments must be a good time to find a reason for a spanking. :) And I agree completely, Veronica, you have very pretty feet.

Ron said...


Well good for him, no panty, bad for me who loves to see you get spanked on your panty but lovely hot dress and yes nice feet as well.

Another great story line with a nice sound spanking, your bottom is truly spankable!!!

Thqanks for sharing and have fun.

Very hot.

Be well and thanks.


Ron said...

Repeating myself but love when you fold your arms on his legs but even hotter is when you hold onto his ankle or leg, wow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,
You're simply gorgeous when OTK. You're a good looking woman anyway, but OTK you're stunning..! :-)
Wish I could spank you myself...
Already dreaming, looking down at those perfect bum-cheeks of yours and slowly reddening them.. Gosh..

((((Hugs)))) Funbun

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks funbun, xoxo.

OldFashionGirl said...

Ron and Brett, thank you too! xoxo.