Monday, July 19, 2010

I think I need a good old-fashion spanking!


Ron said...


With an outfit like that and perhaps the most beautiful spankable bottom in the world there a many of us who would volunteer to give you that spanking. But will leave that to your man and anxiously await the result of your request!!

Very hot bottom and lovely lady.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

I like the picture, Veronica. What could be more appropriate than an old-fashioned spanking for an old-fashioned girl?

Anonymous said...

Is there ever a time when you DON'T? :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing you hold your quivering botty Veronica !

I'm reminded that at the end of the spanking, my mummy used to pull my little white cotton panties back up over my bare, tomato red backside; after the last of numerous smacks with the cane. She then straightened my skirt back down to look tidy. My hands were on my head at this sadly no rubbing, despite the unbearable sting ! Boohoo.

When she sent me to my room, I could then rub my bottom. My mother's formality was important for the punishment ritual. It was humbling and made me feel naughty. Panties pulled down for the cane, and then pulled back up again after, was just part of the routine the my mummy developed. It also made the spankings run smoothly and effectively. Ouchy! Just part of her matter of fact approach. Brenda x