Thursday, July 8, 2010

That's What Friends Are For


ron said...

Oh my, I wish I was standing there with her, lucky lucky lady!



Ron said...


Just spent some time going thru your site and all your work. You two are amazing. Would love to have you as a neighbor first off, also love the brushing you handed out to your husband, well done!

Great photos and movies, love the outdoor ones and the thru the screen looks.

Commented, love the panty you wearing in Sore Loser, very sexy.

So many thanks to the both of you for sharing.


OldFashionGirl said...

Ron I do believe you are my number one fan. Hey, the house across the street is for sale. Lol! Thanks for all the sweet comments they mean a lot to me. xoxo!

Ron said...

NJ is a long way from Austin but hey if it is for sale and I move in, count on my having a lot of bbq's!!! Also count on me walking the dog past your house every night!

Thanks again, great work and wonderful relationship!


ron said...

By the way, thanks proud to be a fan, great site and appreciate your honesty in sharing.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Such a strict Southern feel to this Veronica. Oh my !
Yes, friends seemed to be involved in all things spanking when I was growing up in he 1960s. It's a community thing for naughty daughters !
Veronica, I was not spanked in front of friends. My strict mother felt it should always be done in private. But I did see my lil' princess friends get bare bottom spankings in their homes and in the park. Of course, I found that exciting !!
Retrospectively, I wish that had happened to lil' ol' me !! ha-ha. Hubby has to oblige now Veronica :-)

It is surprising that my mom did not spank me or my sister in front of friends, because she was so very strict. Our father was away a lot and mom needed strong discipline to keep us in check. For we lil' daughters (from age eight) mom's whuppin's were formal and were administered on our bare botties with a terrible, flexible rattan switch, which was kept in the cupboard. We had to bend over the sofa in the lounge. Or perhaps over our beds with our jammies pulled down (at bedtime). It was the "hornets nest" on bare botties for sure. Oh my ! But in fairness it was harmless Veronica. Mom was a loving, kind, but stern expert bottom smacker !

This stern punishment was appropriate given mother's strong faith, traditional family values and conservative approach to strong discipline. My father approved, naturally. "Don't spare the rod" was mom's mantra. And she repeatedly said that our very sensitive-skinned and very fair-skinned backsides had been provided by "God and Nature for strict loving mommies to punish our tantrums, lies and misbehaviour!" Botties in their vulnerable tender bare state too (goes without saying). I found this very cute, very scary and so typical of Southern family values Veronica.

Veronica, this was the 1960s in Georgia and so bare bottom spankings were just part of growing up for we Southern belles in the neighbourhood. Mommy did talk about spankings a lot - with other moms, our friends, with family and neighbours. I loved the way mom openly said how she fetched the switch, pulled down our panties and tanned our alabaster-white botties red as a watermelon ! And then sent us to our bedrooms. Mom thought this was just a normal task for a strict, loving, caring and responsible mother to do. Quite right too Veronica

So yes, back in the 1960s (and ever since !!) my friends have been an integral part of my spanking mindset. Just part of our cute, strict Southern family ways Veronica !
Nostalgic Brenda xx