Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another from Uncle Joe's collection

Here's another clip from Spanktronic. Such a beautiful spankee it's unfortunate the company is not around anymore.


Ron said...

Agree nice bottom, not a nice as yours and a very sexy lap as well. This is a really nice clip of a wonderful and traditional over the knee spanking on the bare bottom, very hot indeed. Hand spankings over the knee are the best and sometimes over looked in the spanking world.

Thanks for sharing and be well


OldFashionGirl said...

I'm glad you liked it and as you know over-the-knee spanking's is also my favorite and the only way I'm ever spanked. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Very good! This is the way a naughty girl should be punished. Bare and over the knee, squirming and crying with every stinging slap.

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Seems like she was in pain but looking at the fresh nasty girl she was, I'm sure she certainly deserved it too.

Brett B said...

Pretty girl squirming over the knee, and a very nice red bottom. What could be better? Thanks, Veronica.

Ron said...


It is the only way you should be spanked!!

Best wishes


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Thanks for posting these clips, Veronica.

I wonder what happened to Spankotronic.

If Uncle Joe has their Summer Heat video, it would be interesting to see some of Madison Young's spanking from that film. If you're taking requests, that is.

OldFashionGirl said...

I'll work on it Karl, xoxo.

Anonymous said...

One nice thing about this is that you are apparenlty not trying to draw traffic to someone's site, but putting something up you really like, or think you readers will like.

I spank ladies

Anonymous said...

pretty little spankee girl ,thanks for sharing this with us can you find more please cutie,love and spanks ,tim xxxx

Oliver Strict said...

Very nice spanking ! Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have that girl laying across my lap to spank. It's too bad that site is gone, I would have liked to have seen a lot more of her.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the girl who used to babysit my kids. I still would love to put her across my knees and spank her bare little bottom. Too bad Spankotronic isn't around anymore.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful spanker too veronica. A strict, loving mommy after my own heart Veronica ! The "hornets nest on the botty" for naughty daughters already !!

Oh my, this is the most fabby mother-daughter spanking. Reminds me of those lovely old Nu-West scenes (compelling for me in the 1980s) with mom and Debbie, and of course, today's Momma Spankings with Dana Specht.

This is soooo my mom Veronia ! So realistic, and captures the atmosphere of my strict upbringing in Georgia in the 1960s. Oh my, soooo like that ! This is me across mom's knee...or my lil' sister getting punished already.

Love mom's strict, loving scolding Veronica. And daughter's protests and increasing discomfort ! Love the sensitive botty getting redder as the hornets nest builds ! A proper smacked bottom.

Spanking in my upbringing was fundamental to family life. My mom was very ol' fashioned and stern. This was the 1960s Veronica !! Nothing unusual. Spanking in the community was commom and advocated by parents. My mommy once showed other moms the rattan switch in the cupboard, one coffee morning in the late 1960s. I will never forget that moment. The whole "don't spare the rod" culture and "little deer with the bear behind" domestic wisdom had a profound impact on me Veronica.

I watched my lil' sister get smacked many times. Early years meant the hairbrush or wooden spoon. And from age eight we got the whippy, rattan switch (Oucheees!) The "botty smacker" was always applied with our panties pulled down, on sensitive bare skin - maximum sting and maximum safety. And humbling ! No need to punish through clothes Veronica !! Mom is now in her 80s...and still says whuppin' her daughter's bare bottoms with the lil' cane was a necessary fact of life !

This video is my lil' sis over mom's knee in the 1960s. White cotton panties exactly as shown. And the lily-white skin on her chubby backside (so white between her sun tanned, very brown legs and back) getting redder and redder as the nasty botty smacker landed repeatedly ! The loud smacks on bare skin and the noisy wailing of my sorry lil' sister. An unbearable stinging bottom is harmless but "maximum sting and maximum safety" on sensitive, bare botties still made us shout the house down already, Veronica !

Your Uncle Joe's collection is fabulous !
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica, I am now in my late fifties, and as as a hard-working, strict loving mother raising my two young daughters in the 1980s/90s, this lovely video is a familiar piece regarding maternal discipline and loving family values in the home !! I like the realistic, scolding and sober tone of this scene.
Daughters gotten naughty. Mommies gotten cross. Botties gotten bared. And justice gotten served ! All moms can recount that Veronica . And I would add already, that a lil' flexible rattan switch (on a bare seat, naturally) sure does add some harmless but salutary "tickle tail" to the procedure !!

Naturally, I myself was also raised in a very strict, religious family in Georgia the 1960s. And my own mother (who became a grandmother in the 1980s) never spared the rod.
Thank you for your wonderful blog Veronica
Strict Mom Brenda xx