Monday, August 16, 2010

Bottoms up!


Brett said...

You're gorgeous. And a perfect position to see a girl in.

Ron said...

Stunning lady and a wonderful bottom. Thanks, very hot pic but of course you still need to be over his lap!!!

Thanks very sexy



Anonymous said...

Nasty Hornets nest dropped on your sensitive bare botty Veronica ? You look gorgeous.

We naughty ladies talk about our spankings today Veronica, just as my sister and I talked about our smacked bottoms with our princess friends back in the 1960s in Georgia.

We all had strict 1950s upbringings and most of my girl friends got spanked. And most of them on their bare botties too ! A few got whupped over clothes. I was naturally keen to talk about home discipline with my friends ! The moms always seemed keen too. My mother was one of the oldest and strictest moms. She was already in her 30s and had been strictly raised (with bare bottom caning) in the 1930s. Some mommies were ten years' younger and wanted guidance on spanking their daughters - on implements and process etc.

My mommy was happy to discuss these matters at coffee mornings. Mom said punishment should be on bare bottoms, so that it would sting, offer safety, and comply with Church faith ("not sparing the rod" already). The moms agreed. I found it exciting but cringing when mommy described how she pulled my shorts and panties down and applied the flexible, rattan switch to my bare white botty. Safe and ferociously stingy Veronica !!

Mom's whippy-switchin' technique was rapid fire flicks of the rattan switch which caused a (harmless) burning of the sensitive skin on my bare backside and an unbearable sting (no bruising)...she once showed the moms the switch in the cupboard and demonstrated her rapid fire wrist flicking technique. Oh my how embarrassing Veronica ? But of course, my mom was not embarrassed Veronica, because she felt that bare, stinging red botties were just part of a daughter's rite of passage.

As a strict ol' fashioned mom in my 50s Veronica, I have had enough of your tantrums already. So I am gonna burn your fair, bare botty with my whippy, lil' rattan switch young lady. Just as my momma did to me when I was naughty in strict times of yore. You are perfectly positioned on the bed protective cotton jammies needed !! Ad oh my, you will do the switchy-dance for sure ! :-)

Strict Mommy Brenda xx