Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New poll

I decided to put a poll together for my male readers to see how much does spanking turn you on? I know not every guy has a spanking mate but it pertains to all things spanking, to include spanking photos on the web, video clips etc.

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A.S.S. said...

That's a hard question... pardon the pun, lol. For me it largely depends on the type of the spanking and the relationship behind it. If it's a playful spanking with a friend, than my mind doesn't even go there. Maybe a little like watching 'Baywatch'... a little titillating, but they're girls on TV and where is the future in that. Now if there is an erotic or sexual spanking component to the relationship in which things could go there... than sometimes my mind will go there during a spanking.

When it comes to watching a spanking... unless the spanking is erotic, I don't get turned on (or rarely do).

I guess for me it boils down to the context. My mind doesn't usually add a sexual component to spanking. If it's THERE, it definitely has an impact. If not, it's just a spanking (and that is still a good thing).

Good question,

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Todd for being honest. xoxo

Ron said...

OK, I totally get turned on, regardless but over the years learned to control the big guy especially when I am spanking, have to keep it under control.

When I am spanked, which happening more and more, I am always hard before going over the knee, always but again, learned to control it. Once the spanking starts, well it leaves quickly.

The after effects however are pleasing to all!!! If ou catch my drift.

Honestly I get aroused just hearing the word spanking!!!

Good poll!

Thanks and be well


Ron said...

By the way, lovely and beautiful bottom you have, wow!

Panties, remember some of us love your spankings on your panties LOL


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

In my case, and likely this is true for others as well, the prime determinant is the quality of the content, not necessarily the type. I know I'm answering a question you haven't exactly asked, but just thought I'd share.

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Well, I can't be as big as that fellow in his underwear at my age but looking at your lovely and meaty backside I would have to say, "Yum yum, beautiful, so lovely. Simply divine."

OldFashionGirl said...

As a woman, I become very moist during an actual spanking, some extra lubrication if you know what I mean. I have orgasmed on occasion and the sex after a spanking is always great. As you know this is from a womans prospective not a mans but I can imagine it to be similar. For me it's more about the emotions of being spanked and not the visual. Women are emotional beings and since my own butt doesn't turn me on the act of getting spanked and being over powered by a strong man does. I have asked my husband and like many of you guys it's my bare ass turning red, legs kicking and my squirming (all visual) which turns him on. Thanks for all the input you guys gave. I love you all. xoxo.

OldFashionGirl said...

Ron I promise more panties for sure. I don't wear panties to bed and these recent ones have been at night. xoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

i love you :-)