Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Caught playing hookie!

This young lady was caught playing hookie by her father. As soon as he found his daughter outside and not in school he turned the truant over his knee and spanked her bare bottom. Old-fashioned spanking's work best!


Njspank said...

Totally hot lady and you should be well spanked.

Cheating me out of the white panty being spanked but love this shot and outdoors, awesome and hot a hell.

Nice bottom.

Best wishes


OldFashionGirl said...

Lots of neighbors outside that day too.

Ron said...


Wow, I could only wish to be so lucky, your neighbors must love it when you are naughty.

Very hot lady.

Thanks and best wishes


Anonymous said...

Right result for naughty daughter Veronica. Southern style domestic admonishment. My papa would approve !

Veronica - I'm blessed with a good memory (and so is my sister !) and I've written memoirs over years. And, Oh my, I wrote a diary /scrapbook which has been invaluable and cute for jogging thoughts of my strict upbringing. Plus a million conversations with mom haha (she's now in her eighties)

I'm thinking of summer spankings - this post nudges me Veronica.
In the long, summer hols, when dad was away,mommy found her two lil' girls a right handful. And Oh my, that's why she bought the switch early on.
The culture of "not sparing the rod" was prevalent in our suburb of Atlanta, Georgia in the very strict, conservative 1960s. Our dear elderly neighbours also agreed with our strict, loving mommy regarding firm discipline for eight and ten year old naughty daughters!
I remember a few times, being hauled inside by mommy following my feisty fighting tantrums in the garden by the paddling pool. Sometimes sister and I were spanked together.

The "rod" was a lil' nursery cane ("switch" in Southern family speak) for lil' unruly princesses. Ultra whippy and thin and made of light rattan. It stung like hell but was perfectly safe as a "botty smacker" for loving, strict Southern- style,parental punishment. My lil' sister and I called it the "hornets nest"
Standing by the sofa in my 1950s' style unfashionable bathing suit (trendy bikinis weren't around before mid 1970s, Veronica?!) mommy was furious and would lower my swimsuit bottoms, uncovering the tender pale quivering target.
I had to bend over the sofa for a switchin' on my bare botty. No half-measures from mom Veronica. Whuppin's were always on bare behinds for sister and me.

Although my sun tanned body was as brown ad a berry, my cute, lil' princess botty was a paler shade of white. The soft, sensitive skin was whiter than Georgia cotton and thanks to my large sensible bathing suit, shielding my backside from the Georgia sun, there was a lot of sensitive white skin for mother to tan with the rattan !! boo-hoo.

Yes, it does seem strict Veronica, but the ferocious sting (of 1960s' maternal discipline!) was only temporary. Bare botty whuppin's for naughty daughters were (and should be !) a fact of life. After being sent to my room, I was back out playing with my sister in the paddling pool only two hours later. And bare red bottoms were hidden by those ol' fashioned bathing suits Veronica! Ha-ha. No embarrassment for lil Ol' Brenda :-)...although the neighbours usually heard the smacks and my crying !
Nostalgic Brenda xx