Sunday, September 26, 2010

A cure for the Sunday night blues.

I'll need a pillow for work on Monday.


Ron said...

Wow, very hot in blue, thanks for getting my day off to a big start again, that is noce shot and again very sexy and love your hands folded but nice spanking.

Would love to walk by your desk and see you sitting on that pillow!!

Thanks for the jump start to the week. You are beautiful!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

The stinging reds Veronica !
This is how naughty daughters ended up over their father's knee back in the suburbs of Atlanta in the 1960s Veronica. Panties down and their soft botties very bare and sensitive to a good hard spanking with a hand, paddle, hairbrush, cane or switch. Just part of growing up for we girlies ! Harsh times oh my !

It was a frequent hazard for me and my sister and for most of my princess friends too ! We lil' girls gotten it on our bare botties for reasons of Church faith, traditional family values and social mores. And oh my, it stung a lot more without protective cotton panties in situ. And my mommy often said it showed that a strict loving mom meant business too when pulling down a naughty lil' one's panties for a whuppin' with the cane ! I have vivid stinging memories and diary entries to boot Veronica ! No half-measures. And a good spanking was also completely safe and controlled too Veronica !

My mother was the main bottom smacker in our house. She kept the thinnest, whippiest, rattan switch in the cupboard. We always gotten it botties bare, panties down. Mom's Church faith and beliefs chimed with "don't spare the rod" so applying the switch over panties did not make sense for many reasons. And oh my, it never happened boo-hoo :-)
As a strict, loving mom in hr 50s, you will pleased to hear that I have always also embraced those cute but very strict Southern ways too Veronica !! Not much PC around here :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx