Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last week of summer

Summer is almost done with and soon it will get colder and darker. It's time to put the shorts away and take out the jeans and sweaters. I hope you all had a great summer. xoxo.


Ron said...

very hot lady, thanks and nice ass!

OldFashionGirl said...

I'm glad you like my cheeks! xoxo.

Ron said...

Love em lady! Hot as hell!!


Anonymous said...

MM nice in the sunshine. Do the neighbors ever hear


OldFashionGirl said...

I know the neighbors hear! I'm sure they don't mind, especially the guys. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Botties bared and spanked in public...or private ?

Veronica, you wrote on your Blog that you gotten your bare hiney spanked at a garden party by your Uncle (from memory) in your childhood. This I do find exciting. But I was not spanked in public or outdoors in my childhood. My mother always waited until we gotten home or took me inside already. But then it was serious, especially from age 8 - I gotten my bare botty caned ! (the flexible rattan Southern switch lived in the downstairs cupboard)

My spanking life is based on reality, rather than fantasy. It is mainly based on my very strict childhood where CP was normal for a 1950s born Christian-raised girl.
My hubby's spanking thoughts are opposite - more fantasy than reality ! ha-ha. He is not from the South and was not really spanked. Oh my ! It does actually work, Veronica :-)

I now wish I had been spanked bare-bum by my mother in front of the other girls and moms in or Church gatherings: in the park back in the 1960s, in gardens, at coffee mornings. I wish I had seen my younger sister's soft, chubby, alabaster-white botty gotten bared and whooped outside by mom already !
I saw it gotten whooped indoors plenty !!

For sure I gotten to see my princess-friends gotten their bums bared and spanked outside- it was common in Georgia in the 1960s. No PC whatsoever !! :-)
And moms were encouraged to spank their naughty daughters outside on their bare bottoms in public. Period !

I like to think of you having gotten spanked outdoors Veronica. Father Tony is now so strict.
Like my mother, I was a bit conservative (as a 1980s/90s mom)with my own daughters back in the day. I can recall times when I was real mad and wanted to pull down two pairs of lil shorts...followed by two pairs of lil' cotton panties for darn good bare bottom spankings in front of other moms and friends !

But as with me, when I gotten my daughters back home, I fetched the rattan switchy-stick, pulled down their panties and sure made he fairest, tender skin on their botties sting bad style. I was a very strict, bad cop mommy. But kind and loving too. Firm but fair is good, Veronica. As my girls tell me today. Thank The lord !
Strict Mom Brenda xx