Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"The Main Event"

It was a Sunday afternoon and my husband had five of his friends over to watch some big boxing match on pay-per-view (PPV). There was some real male bounding going on to include beer, chips, burping and a whole lot of yelling. They where all gathered in the living room while I was in the bedroom right next door trying to watch house hunters on HGTV. I'll be honest, I was a bit jealous because they sounded like they're having a great time and I felt left out. I decided to join my husband and his friends but when I sat next to him he gave the cold shoulder and then had the audacity to tell me to leave before the main event starts. I was MAD!!! I'll teach that man! I'll get him to notice me one way or another! I went right back into my bedroom, stripped out of my sweats and tee (he told me earlier that day not to dress provocative in front of his friends) and put on a short leopard print nightie. I also let my hair down and put on some make-up. I'll give his friends the main event of their lives! As I walked back into the living room you couldn't hear a pin drop. All mouths fell wide open and eyes on me. My husband was livid and did something I would of never imagined. He got up and told his friends that he'll be right back to watch the main event just as soon as he spanks me. He walked into the bed room with me in pursuit except I purposely left the bedroom door half open. I wanted his friends watch me get spanked and I had butterflies in my tummy just from the idea of being watched. As he put me over his knee I can see the guys sitting on the couch all peering from the next room and as he spanked me there was laughter and whistles and other strange noises coming from the guys. My husband soon realized they where all watching but he didn't care since he has to now prove that he's "the man" in front of his buddies. He yanked my panties down but I know that his friends can't see my bare butt do to the fact that I'm facing the room they're all in. As he let me up they all began to clap and cheer for him like he was their hero! He was heading to join them as I walked behind him with a big smile, gave him the middle finger behind his back and began to laugh. His friends all tattled on me and this caused him to turn around and sit back down to spank me some more except this time my bottom was facing the other room and with the door still open my panties where soon off as my bottom became exposed to five strange men!!! The wallops got harder and I kicked up a storm. This very public spanking was getting me very excited and I secretly orgasmed while he spanked me. After the spanking I felt embarrassed and exhausted but very satisfied. My husband got all high fives and back pats from all his buddies who went back to drinking their beers and acting like fools. Hopefully they'll all be too drunk to remember any of this by tomorrow. As for me? I just went back to watching HGTV, property virgins was about to begin. Until next time xoxo.

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Ron said...

Oh lord, that is one hot story and hot a hell pictures, you are beautiful lady but no doubt deserved that hard spanking, I just wish I was in the living room, but I would have peaked in the room, the heck with the tv.

So hot, another day off to a great start, wow, thanks for sharing.

Best wishes