Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More vintage Veronica


Ron said...

Very cute, I like these shots.

What is he spanking you with in the kitchen?


OldFashionGirl said...

His hand but it does look as if he's holding something.

Ron said...

Yes it does, love it, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, truly wonderful Veronica.
Just add twenty years Veronica and I was getting the same as a naughty lil' girl in 1968. Back then daughters were scared of their strict loving fathers for sure ! And we naughty daughters always talked about our spankings with each other. Not much had changed since 1948 !

I was very strictly raised in the 1960s in a traditonal, Southern household (in Georgia) where strong faith and the culture of "don't spare the rod" prevailed. My strict mother was the bottom smacker as father was away on business a lot.

From age 8, parental punishment for my younger sister and me was a sound visit from mommy's whippy, thin, rattan switch...applied to bare skin on the botty !!...panties around knees always Veronica. Oh my, we sure felt it ! :-(

My stern mother thought nothing of it. Out came the switch, down came our white, cotton panties - that was just a proper smacked behind in her book !

We gotten it bending over the sofa in the in the lounge. No messing already in the 1960s in our family. It was extremely no-nonsense (!!) harsh and formal Veronica !

It is true that an unbearable stinging red botty (hence our panties always pulled down to feel the switchy-cane from mom) is totally harmless and my mother was correct in that it stopped me getting into trouble when I was older.

Strict mommies and daddies know best Veronica !

Naughty Daughter and Strict Mommy Brenda xx