Monday, September 13, 2010

Poll results: How much does spanking turn you on?

I was feeling naughty and curious at the same time when I thought of this poll. Since we all enjoy spanking and it turns us all on I felt it was an appropriate question. My husband tells me of a story when he was ten and saw his girl cousin get a spanking in front of him. At first he was scared but when he became older he would often masturbate to that scenario. Lets face it we all get a sexual charge out of spanking but to what point? From my poll a good amount of you also masturbate at assorted spanking material but many just get an erection with no release and a very small amount just get a little turned on. From personal experience when my husband spanks me I notice he has a much harder erection then if he didn't spank me and we just had sex. For him spanking is a huge, I mean huge turn on. Not that I'm complaining, I see spanking as his personal Viagra lol! I hope this question did not offend any of you and if it did let me know. Like I said I was just feeling naughty and curious. For those who voted much hug and kisses. Until my next poll. xoxo

After a good spanking I know I'll get the best sex ever!

This photo was sent to me by a fan who is pleasuring himself to some of my pics. He's a sweet guy with a real cute butt. xoxo.


Abe's Heart said...

Spanking is a HUGE turn-on for me...Boo-Yah, for spankin's!

`x~Abe's Heart.

Brett said...

It didn't offend me. You're one super sexy girl. Thanks, Veronica!

Ron said...

Very hot, and a real tribute to you my sexy lady.

Be well


Ron said...

By the way, I get just as hard after giving or getting a spanking. You are very lucky!

Thanks for being so honest.