Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready for the strap!


Ron said...

OK, wonderful outfit, wow, very sexy and would love to see you in that skirt over his knee!!

Did not think you did the strap but man love that ass!! Hot as hell.

Also, love the open window, the neighbors will be enjoying this spanking no doubt. I am moving there, just have to.

Very hot as always.

Thanks and best wishes.

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Looks like you're getting hot just peeking at someone, just imaging his hands on you, eh?

Anonymous said...

Veronica, this is a favorite. Oh my, you were so naughty in the store and mommy promised you a good smacked bottom when we got home! Like my mother, I didn't take you to the rest room and pull your panties down for a good spanking. But oh my ! When we get home Veronica.

Yes,I sure do pull panties down - the rattan switch stings on tender bare girly botties Veronica!! It's darn well supposed to. And yes, back in the 1960s, my bedroom windows were open and neighbours heard the whuppin'. The cute but nasty lil' rattan cane on soft bare tender princess botties and lots of crying. Strict, conservative household with stern punishment for two naughty daughters! That's my upbringing Veronica:-(

Your bottom is so lush Veronica. Back in the day, I was excited to see my lil' sister get punished, late 1960s/70s. She had a penchant for lying Veronica. Mommy was furious and uncompromising!! Down came her jammies, bathing suit or cute girly shorts and white cotton panties. Oh my, Veronica, she had the softest, chubby, lil' backside in Georgia. And despite her deep chestnut sun tan, the fairest skin on her botty was a paler shade of white. We lil sisters had the best tan lines in the South, Veronica ha-ha (seriously, it's true ! Oh my !) Our fairest tender botties only saw daylight for bath times or spanking times boo-hoo :-(

It seemed almost cruel and mean to cane such a tender sensitive skinned bum- but my strict mother sure did Veronica. Thoroughly and without qualms. It was strict loving discipline. In fact, it was "kind" in ol' fashioned Southern ways.
And as a strict mommy I am going to whip your bare lil' behind Veronica. To teach you that very same ol' fashioned lesson young lady. No naughty step in my book Veronica !!
Strict Momma Brenda xx