Friday, September 24, 2010

Weapon of Choice

It's his choice, not mine!


Ron said...

Love his choice.

But first you need to be spanked over the knee with his hand and then the brush on your panty and finally that beautiful bare bottom gets the brush!!! Works for me.

Love the brush both giving and revieving, it is beside the hand, the ultimate domestic spanking implement.

I grew up feeling the brush!

Great shot of a very hot and sexy bottom.

Thanks Veronica


OldFashionGirl said...

I don't share your love of the hairbrush. I hate that damn thing, lol! I'm glad you liked. xoxo

Ron said...

LOL no doubt but depends on which side of it you are on!!

If I recall did you not spank your man with the brush in one of your vids?

I loved it



OldFashionGirl said...

On the bare side for me!

Babbling Boomer said...

Well if it's a punishment spanking that is as it should be.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for mommy...
You look delicious Veronica, waiting for a smacked botty from mom, hairbrush already in play.

As a naughty lil' girl I used to fear and feel the smack of a whippy, rattan cane on the sensitive, bare skin on my behind. I dreaded mother pulling my panties down Veronica, which shows she was correct to do so. The sting on bare botties was terrible but perfectly safe and harmless. It showed mom meant business! Sister and I called mom's whuppin's "the hornets" nest. Always with the switch and always with panties down and botties completely bare. Our protests were simply ignored - I respect mom for that. This was twenty years before PC, Georgia sate 1960s/70s Veronica!! Oucheeeees!

My hubby likes to use his Southern strap and nasty, flip flop slipper on me. I will smack your bare bottom with the whippy lil' switch-cane Veronica. Yes, oh my, it's a favourite - simply due to my upbringing Veronica.

From an early age I was told that the fairy soft, snow white skin on my naked bottom was where I would pay for misbehaviour! Provided by God and Nature for mother's stern care and guidance!!

Before the switch was introduced(age 8) I had my chubby, paler shade of white, naughty backside exposed over mother's knee for a hard maternal hand, hairbrush or wooden spoon (kitchen spankings obvs) but my vivid memories (and diary writings) are for bare bottom whuppin's with the rattan cane.

As a strict mommy, I think you should experience the same punishment Veronica :-) boo-hoo x

Brenda xx