Monday, October 18, 2010

"The Birthday Spanking"

This past summer it was my birthday and instead of just friends I decided to also invite some aunts and uncles. my husband did the cooking and all was well until just after the cake cutting. With the exception of my Uncle Joe my husband would never spank me in front of certain people unless the opportunity arises and it did. To make a long story short my best friend's daughter just turned two so we did a double birthday. After the cake cutting and some photos my friend told everyone that she was going to give her daughter a birthday spanking. She sat down and gently spanked the baby across her lap. Everyone laughed and it was all fun until that same friend told my husband that it was my turn. I was very embarrassed but everyone cheered him on especially my dear Uncle Joe and my bratty friend. My husband sat down and placed me across his lap and spanked me not so very gently!!! Once again everyone laughed and cheered. It was all clean fun I guess.To protect every ones identity I blotted out their faces. Until next year, xoxo.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Fascinating. I take it though that these pictures of you getting spanked were actually NOT taken at the party.

Still, a fascinating development. Do you suppose some of your family and friends suspect your interest in spanking? Of course Uncle Joe does. But anybody else.

I'm thinking "they" thought it would be kind of fun to watch you get spanked and that they kind of knew you sort-of wouldn't mind.

But are you going to make that suggestion at their birthday parties?

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

You were a good sport, Veronica!

Ron said...


Not sure what to say first, what a sweet blog entry and nice pictures of the family, wonderful shots, love it.

But then we are treated to that beautiful bottom of yours in those shorts, how hot is that? Then you get well spanked in front of everyone, hot as hell, wow, fantastic stuff.

Thansk for sharing and your bottom is just well, so spankable and you are beautiful.

Many thanks, Hugs


OldFashionGirl said...

Karl it was at the party but not with the same camera. Most of the folks there I don't see on a regular so I don't think they know abput my spanking intrest. My Uncle Joe might and my best friend has a hunch. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Veronica nice pics the little girl given light spanks might be a spanko soon ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Anonymous said...

Summer spankings were part of life ...our culture !!

I like it best when you relate spanking to your real-life events Victoria. One thing I told my hubby when we first met in the late 1980s, is that spanking is part of domestic life and community life in Georgia. And it sure was in the 1960s Veronica. All the moms talked about it at birthday parties and play times in the park or garden, at coffee mornings, at shopping time in the mall, at paddling pool meet ups. My hubby is from the North West and was not strictly raise, and not used to this culture when we met.

If we lil' princesses used to act up (back in the 1960s) or be naughty there would be verbal warnings about "tan your hide" and references to smacked bottoms, bare bottoms, panties down, swimsuits pulled down ! This was 25 years before PC, and so it was a mother's duty to shout about smacked bottoms and to carry out the punishment....often in public. I saw many a white, girly, chubby backside uncovered by an angry mother for a good spanking with her hand or gardens, parks, car-parks, birthday parties Veronica. Spanking was as normal back then as having a bath....and both involved bare bottoms !!

My mom did not spank us in public (she was too conservative and believed it was a private matter) and used to take us home and say to the other moms that Brenda (or my lil' sister) needed her bottom smacked. This was not to be taken lightly (Gulp !). Punishment was very stern and meant a switching on my bare botty with a rattan cane !!! The other moms knew this. They applauded my mom's values and strictness using "the rod of correction" ! Yes Veronica, rather embarassing, but very matter of fact and just part of normal life.

Your pictures here remind me of events in our garden in those 1960s summers, when the neighbours saw me or my sister (or both) gotten hauled inside by my angry mother for a good ass-whoopin
They did not see it, but they would know exactly by mom's loud scolding and by our protests and cries/screams and timescales that my mother was fetching the "botty smacker"...the dreaded rattan switch. A slight lull would mean that a naughty lil' daughter was having a lil' pair of swimsuit bottoms pulled down to her knees ! .....or a pair of shorts and white cotton panties pulled down to bare my lily-white backside.

Windows open meant they actually heard the switch-cane whipping the bare skin on my botty Veronica ! And my loud screams already. They heard everything Veronica. And they approved of my mom's stern methods ! And after, my mom went back into the garden to talk to the neighbours and agree their their mutual Christian views -"spare the rod spoil the child" was the rule. And later, after the "hornets nest" had subsided I would be back out talking with those neighbours and being a polite, well-mannered, lil' girl. Oh my !
It retrospect (I'm now well into my 50s), it was not embarassing was fact. Just part of growing up with strict parents in Georgia suburbs in a Church-based community in the 1960s.
Love your photos and posts Veronica
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx