Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More from Uncle Joe's collection.

Another Spanktronic scene. I love older men who know how to spank! xoxo


Ron said...

Thanks, what a nice long, slow otk spanking, really nice spanking. Nice panties too, would have loved to seen them warmed up.

Oh and we "older" men just love giving nice sound spankings.

Thanks and best wishes

Anonymous said...

What a weak, wimpy spanking. When this "old man" spanks, the girl does not have to act!

OldFashionGirl said...

Yes, the spanking is on the lighter side but still fun to watch. Not all spanking's have to be hard to get a message across. Depends on the persons pain tolerance I guess.

Ron said...

Great comments Valerie, agree 100% and honestly that is what makes spanking so much fun and special, it does not always have to be a hard hitting affair.

Well said.


Ron said...

Sorry, Veronica, was thinking of another

Brett said...

I love pretty girls who kick and squirm and promise they'll never do it again while over ol' dad's knee getting a spanking. ;)

Great video, Veronica!

Anonymous said...

Whew that's hot. Where can you find this video? It ended at 2:50 and the old guy was still spanking her.

OldFashionGirl said...

LMAO! That's most of the bare bottom version. It ended shortly after but I did not want to go over my time limit with blogger. The company is no longer around but google Spanktronic video's for sale and you might come up with something. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Bare bottom chastisement for naughty daughters - very familiar to me !
Great video. Really great already !

Veronica, as a 1980s mother (and supporter of CP) to my two lovely daughters I am used to seeing parental chastisement metered out in a firm loving fashion on tender bare white bottoms, when attitudes needed adjusting.
I was the botty smacker in chief for my girls, my hubby as not the disciplinarian. A strict mom was a good mom back in the day.

And as a 1950s born Georgia girl, raised in a strict, Christian household, I was very much on the receiving end of punishment like this girl in the video. In the early years my father would tan my very white, very sensitive-skinned (and very bare !!) backside over his knee. But my mother was the real strict spanker ! She used the wooden spoon and hairbrush.

All spankings were over the knee and on bare skin. That's how it gotten done. Most daughters gotten it on their bare bums in our Church group. It was the normal Christian way of spanking. And the normal way of spanking anywhere Period.
And naturally it ensured a big sting, real humbling and safe loving discipline. Naturally, I always smacked my daughters on their bare bottoms. Just like I received growinging up. It's the only way Veronica.

At age 8 (mid 1960s)our mother gotten a cane to deal with our bratty lies and tantrums. Oh my ! This flexible rattan switch was traumatic. My lil' sister and me called it the hornets nest because of the terrible (but harmless) sting on a bare botty. We only ever gotten it with our underwear pulled down. Quite right too Veronica. Don't spare the rod already. Or as I said to moms in the 1980s/90...don't spare the bare ! Sure worked for my daughters. And for me growing up.

Father is letting this girl off the hook already ! I would love to see this girl get a dose of the hornets nest switch across her bare botty. Like I did as a naughty child. She will get the message Veronica. More "Ows and Oucheees" for sure !
Thanks and spanks. Fabulous video.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx