Monday, October 4, 2010

"Tease for a tease"

If you read my blog regularly you'll know that I am somewhat of a tease. It's a known fact that I am spanked on a regular for being such a tease and many of my photo-sets reflect that. Mini-skirts, short shorts, tight jeans and sweater dresses to name a few are part of my every day attire and I don't plan on dressing like a granny any time soon. With that said there is something cruel I do to my husband at times when I'm upset. I'll refuse to have any sort of sex with him for at least a week. This day in particular after a week of him suffering from blue balls he came home to find me wearing a pair of shorts and protruding my derriere. He walked over and tried to kiss me but I just turned my head and wiggled my butt. "You're such a tease" he shouted and turned me over his knee. After the spanking I was feeling a bit frisky but he just turned his head an said no. What a tease!!!


Brett B said...

Teasing is a sure-fire way for a young lady to earn herself a good spanking. A real hard spanking in this case, where you were upset and being cruel. But I bet your husband won't be able to tease you for very long. ;)

Ron said...

Oh lord, that second picture, what a beautiful and glorius bottom. No sex for a week, that is not teasing, that is torture for him. I am so glad he tanned that wonderful bottom of your but good, nice red glow to it and love your hands fighting him, great shoot and hope, truly hope you two got it together, but wow well earned spanking my dear, wow.

Also wonderfully beautiful panties covering that lovely bottom.

Thanks, this is a classic spanking scene.

Be well


Ron said...

Since he teased you back, maybe you should return the favor and put him over your lovely lap!!!


Anonymous said...

Veronica, I so love that final photo of you chastised and loved, with your white cotton shorts back smartly in-situ. You have learned your lesson. Strict, loving moms know that it is essential to pull down shorts and panties before giving a proper hard spanking on a sensitive bare surface - goes without saying Veronica. But it is also essential to pull the panties back up (and the shorts) after the spanking to restore normality and show that the spanking is over. At that point we girls are crying and blubbering profusely with the sting Veronica !

A brief, formal process at the start and the end is essential for humbling the naughty daughter, and for creating a serious, grave lesson in learning. Being strictly raised in the 1960s, I gotten used to having my chubby, white botty duly uncovered (panties down), then soundly smacked bare over the parental knee/sofa (hairbrush and then a flexible, rattan switch when I was older, age 8) and then I gotten a very red backside (!) covered again as my panties and shorts were pulled back up....or alternatively my dress smartened down again. I was then hugged as a punished and forgiven girl, who had "felt the rod".

I find that "hands on your head" for both panties down and panties back up works well. That is how my mother made me do it back in the day.

After the spanking I was then allowed to rub and do the switchy-dance and gotten sent to my bedroom, crying loudly naturally. My sister and I certainly knew the routine. Oh my ! it sure worked Veronica
Strict Mommy Brenda xx