Monday, October 25, 2010

"The Witch and the Werewolf"

Halloween is upon us once more and I put together a little spooky, spanky story for all of you.

There was a witch named Veronica who put a spell on a handsome young man. She turned the poor lad into a beast that was part wolf and part human, a werewolf! The werewolf looked far and near for this witch but could not find her. One day he went to a sorcerer who told him that the only way to remove the spell was to find the witch and spank her bottom red. He told the man-wolf where the witch was and the journey began. When he found her he roared and took the advice of the sorcerer and spanked her bottom red. The witch was powerless and took her punishment, for it was the werewolf's destiny. After the spanking she showed her red bottom to the wolf and he turned human again. She then turned him into a frog...Happy Halloween.

14 comments: said...

I love this! Can you do "Little Red Riding Hood" next? ;)

Happy Halloween,


OldFashionGirl said...

Wow! I was thinking the same exact thing. I have to look online for a red riding hood costume. xoxo Sexy...

fatherjim said...

You two are amazing! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "YOU GET IT!" Every scene, every picture captures what makes a truly exceptional spanking. Even before you showed your faces or showed us your more "private" areas, you 'got it'!
All I can add is my thanks, again!


OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Jim I'm glad you like it. xoxo

Brett B said...

Hehe. No fair. The werewolf spanked ya good. How's he gonna spank the witch now? He'd have to be a really big frog.

Very cute, Veronica. :)

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

Love your pantyhose, very nice ;)
And 'Red Riding Hood' would be awesome.

Dr. Ken said...

I heartily recommend this treatment for all witches everywhere.... :-)


I hope that you don't mind but I have nicked one of the pictures from this excellent set for the Sunday posting on my blog. I have credited this blog and put a couple of links back to here, in the post. Have a Happy Halloween.


OldFashionGirl said...

No problem sweetie. xoxo

Ron said...


Am late but wow, was waiting for this one and I too love the panty hose and panty spanking.

WOnderful and red ridinh hood would be awesome.

Either way, thanks sexy!


babygirl cricket said...

Hi there!

New reader/follower here.. and already really enjoying your blog! Cannot wait to read more. I loved this story, and the pictures were great!

Thanks for the late night story.. I needed that! :)

Warmest Wishes,
baby girl cricket xo

OldFashionGirl said...

Hi babygirl welcome aboard. I appreciate all the input I can get for a better blog. xoxo

Anonymous said...

very nice big spanks .love tim xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica does the Southern switchy dance !

Oh my, your fairy-soft, round lily-white botty looks soooo lush on the second photo from the end Veronica. You are so the naughty lil' daughter who has been caught stealing and potty mouthed over Halloween.

As a strict ol' fashionned mom, I do not believe in PC and the naughty step Veronica :-( Boo-Ho, so I am fetching my flexible, whippy lil' rattan switch. Oh my what a nasty but trusty botty smacker it is for naughty daughters Veronica !

I was raised so strictly and so my mom taught me not to spank over clothes ! So leave your delicious, snuggy purple and black stripey leggings and soft, panties right where they are young lady. I would pull them don anyway. My mother used the flexible rattan switch on my tender, bare backside when I was naughty back in the 1960s !! Oh my it worked terribly ! :-( So yes, like mother, like daughter Veronica.

Mommy said that a switchin' or whuppin' was punishment, and so my white cotton panties needed to come down so that I would feel the sting on sensitive bare skin. Protective coverings were illogical, despite my protests !! Mom also said that her faith, family values and belief "in not sparing the rod" meant that on my bare botty made more logical sense. Humbling , maximum sting and maximum safety. The only way veronica !

I uphold my mom's values, Veronica. I should technically require you to bend your lily-white bare backside over the sofa for my whuppin'. But I think you are ok in the kitchen already. Bend over you naughty lil' missy ! Smack smack smack. After, you will get strict, loving momma's hugs and be sent to your room. Just like I was back in ol' Atlanta town in Georgia in the days of yore !
Strict Ol' fashioned Mommy Brenda xx