Saturday, October 16, 2010

"You wouldn't dare?"

"Oh yes I would!"


Babbling Boomer said...

If you were single I most cetainly would, but spanking your lovely bottom when needed is your husband's job. And one he seems to put in a lot of overtime on, lol

OldFashionGirl said...

Lots of overtime. Instead of a workoholic he's a spankoholic. xoxo.

Ron said...

Oh lord your bottom is lovely and just so spankable, which clearly you need and love.

Beside panty spanking, love jean spankings as well.

Thanks you are beautiful.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Spanking is part of faith Veronica, and faith is part of spanking !

Lovely exposed, sensitive bum and strict father/daughter scene Veronica !
When I as growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, naughty daughters often ended up over parents' knees, minus prtective coverings on their tender backsides, and gotten a good, hard whuppin' with the hairbrush, wooden spoon, rubber spautla, paddle, strap, switch or cane. Oh my, bare red botties were simply part of growing up. Sounds harsh Veronica and it was. Spankings were fundamental to community/domestic living...certainly in my Atlanta suburbs, but probably acrooss USA and Europe too..

Strong faith and traditional family values played a big part in discipline, as was the case in our house. My mother was strict and conservative and was sternly raised with a whippy, rattan cane across her bare backside in the 1930s ! Her two daughtesr were then raised the same strict way in the 1960s Veronica. Boo-Hoo :-(

Early on, mommy said our senstive-skinned bottoms were provided by "God and Nature" for maternal punishment. And "don't spare the rod" was her firm philosophy. Those two quotes meant we gotten soundly spanked on bare, unclothed botties Veronica, sadly never on clothed ones !!! Quite right too - strict, traditonal and Ol' fashioned.

Mother knew that panties down punishment was completely harmless (anti-spankers made a big fuss !)....but also extremely effective for lil' tender- bottomed princesses. Especially when the "rod" was a flexible, nasty, lil' thin, rattan switch Veronica ! Mom was also influenced by our elderly, pious neighbours, who we visited Church with, who said that bare bottom punishment with the rattan switch was proper "Christian spanking". Grandmother also encouraged mom, which goes without saying Veronica !

I've always been very open when talking about spankings and my upbringing. I take no notice of PC and as a strict, ol' fashoned mom in my 50s, I uphold our strict Southern ways and values on all this. It's kinda cute Veronica ! And I've had thousands of conversation with my peers, family and friends. Just as we did as lil' girls in Georgia back in the 1960s too. Moms and daughters talked about it alot.

My hubby is not from the South and was not strictly raised Veronica ! He is a keen spanko, largey based on our shared experiences (ad now this Blog ha-ha !)...and on the true events and accounts of my upbringing when I was growing up, oh my !! He has chatted to my mother (now in her 80s) and my sister for 25 years. So is well informed Veronica ! :-)

My hubby particularly likes the formality of my mother's spankings of yore - fetching the rattan switch, making her two daughters stand with our hands on our heads whi;e she pulled down our panties, and switchin' my younger sister's lily-white botty first ! (when we wre both in trouble) and sending us to our rooms

My hubby also likes my mom's famous strict, cute (cringing !!) Southern sayings usually involving "God, Nature, faith, rattan switchy-sticks and bare, white bottoms going red" !!:-)
Oh my, long may it continue Veronica !

Ol'fashioned mom (and nostalgic spanked daughter) Brenda xx