Monday, November 8, 2010

Bottom's up!


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

What a cute picture. Looks like it's from the same series as your header picture. Did you buy that colour couch because you thought it would be a good background for spanking photos? Well, if so, it was a good choice!

OldFashionGirl said...

It is from the same series and what a great spanking it was. The couch was a wedding gift. xoxo

Ron said...


Wow, almost better than the banner but still love the panty spanking but yes it looks to be a wonderful sound spanking on an equally wonderful bottom!!!

Thanks, very pretty.



Bottoms up and (I think it's a) slipper down. Nice photo.


Anonymous said...

Classic naughty little brat ( post-tantrum) across papa's knee...vintage Texas whuppin'. Nice pale unprotected serious trouble. Realistic too! Love this. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Corporal punishment applied to soft, sensitive skin blessed by God and Nature for that very purpose Veronica !

Oh my Veronica ! lovely bum gotten its just desserts. And I can tell you that as a strict, loving 1980s/90s mother, it sure would have helped our Southern family values if I had gotten home from work to find my two daughters like this: bare-bottomed over their father's knee for a well-deserved dose of the slipper. Oh my !

In reality Veronica (and now we laugh already) yours truly was the strict disciplinarian and my girls reported only to me (not my hubby) when they were naughty and so gotten their bare botties spanked. I did not use a slipper, I used a flexible, rattan switch Oucheeees ! Yes sure worked a good'un on their unprotected seats and exactly as I gotten from my own mother back in the 1960s. Common punishment in Georgia already !

As a strict mom I am proud to say that my grow-up daughters (now just 30s already) thank me for my stern discipline a long time ago in their childhoods. "Don't spare the bare" Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx