Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bubble butt SPANKED!


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Cute video. Another from Uncle Joe's collection?

Do you know what production company it's from? Or is totally amateur?

Unusual but plausible theme/reason.

BTW I like your new header picture, Veronica. It really captures the feeling of having your pants taken down for a spanking!

Ron said...


Thanks for sharing and yes that is some backside but that is also some spanker, his hand is huge and does a nice job, very nice hot and red spanking!!

Thanks and be well


OldFashionGirl said...

Hi Karl it's from Spanktronic and yes from uncle's collection. I'm glad you like my header. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Veronica, and as a strict, loving, Southern mommy, I approve of this technique for naughty daughters ! It is certainly how I was raised in Georgia, back in the 1960s. And it's how most of my princess friends were raised in the suburbs of Atlanta too.

As was traditional, my strict Mommy made my sister and me do the Southern Switch Dance. Our friends would often cut their own switches from the garden, but our mommy kept a whippy, lil' rattan switch in the cupboard especially for naughty lil' daughters. Dad was away and she found sister and I a handful ! She believed in strict discipline, faith and Ol' fashioned values...conventional wisdom at that time !

Just like this naughty daughter here, we got it on the bare skin of our botties, with our lil' white panties always pulled down. It was a no-brainer Veronica !
No wishy-washy effort from our mother ! We had to bend over the sofa. The sting was ferocious (but appropriate, temporary and completely harmless) In my considerable experience, proper maternal whuppin's (bare botty essential) are strict but also loving Veronica.

Southern domestic life was harsh, traditional but fair in those pre-PC days. It did me good Veronica. Yes, fabulous , realistic, father-daughter situation here. It so reminds me of yesterday and Southern values. Nice round yummy bum of course !
Strict Momma Brenda xx