Sunday, November 21, 2010

For your mundane Monday!!!!

Here's something to get your week started. xoxo


Ron said...


Oh my, the perfect otk spanking on those lovely panties, thank you, thank you, thank you. Picture being printed as I type, so wonderful and love the overall outfit and your hands in his lap!

So hot, lovely.

Thanks and be well.



Those shoes work well for your look and seem to fit in nicely with many of your outfits.


Anonymous said...

You have such gorgeous legs and bum Veronica - you are a right, lil' naughty daughter over daddy's knee !...well, except for your modern, sexy trendy panties :-) !

Veronica, as lil' Southern girls growing up in Georgia in 1960s, my sister and I had to wear those very sensible, Ol' fashioned white cotton panties that our mother gotten for us in the store. Oh my, they were cute but so conservative and Ol' fashioned. All our clothes were very ol' fashioned and traditionally 1950s Veronica...dresses, shorts, skirts and swimsuits (we did not have modern bikinis)

Out strict mother was much more into Church faith than fashion Veronica. Which of course meant spankings were a foundation of family life ("don't spare the rod" was the belief) Our white panties were like lil' shorts and were very soft, snuggy and cute keeping our botties comfy underneath our shorts or traditonal dresses.

Our thick, fleecy, local white cotton underpanties would have protected our tender bottoms from a parental whuppin' - but sadly our mother always pulled them down and punished on bare skin. And with a flexible rattan switch too !!!! :-( fool her Veronica ! No messing for naughty daughters. She was so stern when we made mommy cross.

Apart from large, sensible white cotton panties, I also associate tan lines with tradiional, domestic life and a strict, 1950s upbringing. Fact - we lil' Southern girls in the neighbourhood mostly had tan lines.

As sporty, outdoor girls, my sister and I had deep, brown, golden Georgia sun tans....except on our pale bottoms obviously !! So I was just like the Coppertone girl in that lovely cute advert Veronica - with my natural, very fair-skinned, alabaster-white botty, all snuggy and protected in my panties and cute dresses, shorts or conservative bathing suits ! least until I was very naughty. Boo-hoo (And the rattan switch lay waiting in the cupboard)

My hubby still loves my tan lines today Veronica ! :-)

Of course, when we got spanked by mom, those Ol' fashioned white panties had to come down to appropriately expose our lily-white botties for a proper "hornets nest" punishment from mommy's switchy-stick. Mother only caned us on a bare botty Veronica- sadly no exceptions :-( So very 1950s !

Oh my ! Such vivid memories from growing up. These experiences are unforgettable. And thankfully my sister and I never resented them Veronica. They were just strict, loving, home-making and nurturing techniques from our fabulous (but stern, traditional) mom !....who is now in her 80s, bless her !!!
Love sensible. Ol' fashioned panties and starkly-defined tan lines Veronica !!
Naughty Nostalgic Lil' 1960s Daughter Brenda xx