Saturday, November 6, 2010

The hairbrush...

It's truly a brat buster!


Ron said...


I must tell you, your bottom whether covered, in panty or bare is well just georgeous!! So sexy.

I do recall you telling us you hate the brush, well more of a reason you should have your beautiful bottom spanked with it, often!

What is on the back of your shorts?

Also, nice bed spread, love the colors and flowers.

Nice domestic spanking scene, thank you so much for sharing.

Be well


OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Ron, those are my Ocean City shorts! Very comfortable and short.xoxo

Lil Sam said...

What a beautiful setting in which to receive your spanking in, You lucky girl,
Hugs Lil Sam

Brett B said...

So true. A suitable hairbrush can get right to the bottom of a brat's problem. Lovely pics, Veronica. XO

Anonymous said...

The Brat Whisperer Veronica....sooo true !
Naughty daughter across daddy's knee, Southern style. A strict word of faith and traditional values to the tender bare botty !
Love your cute, snuggy, fleecy, Ocean City shorts Veronica. Oh my :-) Did Tony pull them down together with your panties in one fail swoop ?!! My hubby does that when I wear soft, towelling or elasticated shorts. Spontaneous and strict ! Just what a naughty lil' girl deserves too !

Oh my, Veronica, I recall strict times as a lil' girl back in Georgia in the 1960s, my father (and stricter mom) would also pull both the waistbands of my soft towelling shorts and panties down together (to my knees) to expose my chubby botty, when I needed a spanking.
Those cute, conservative 1950s-style lil' cotton shorts had no buttons, just elasticated waistbands. So it was the work of a moment for a strict mommy to yank them down when a naughty princess's alabaster- white botty needed smacking at home.....or in the parking lot ! A Georgia speciality of yore Veronica.

Bottom baring was brief and formal in our house. And scary. I remember my lil' sisiter standing (hands on her head) as the soft, cotton shorts and soft, white, panties were tugged down to her knees. My sisiter would be trembling and staring at mom's dreaded thin, whippy, lil' rattan switch Veronica. Whereas I would be staring at my sis's soft, pudgy, whiter-than-white backside.

My sister had the softest, palest-skinned bottom in Georgia. Which made spankings ever more colourful Veronica. And we girls had fabulous, stark tan lines too. It was a sign of the 1950s/60s conservative, ol' fashioned era. We daughters had golden sun tans, but our covered-up botties were whiter than the cotton fields. And softer too. And duly bared for bathtimes ... and spankings (quote my mom)

Our unprotected, lil' senstive bums stung so bad as mom's multiple flicks of the rattan switch landed. Too many to count. Building the redness and the hornets nest on fairest botties. My sister screamed the house down and the elderly, pious neighbours could hear the noise loud and clear Veronia. They approved.

But mom was an expert bottom smacker. Strict but kind. It was completety harmless Veronica. But oh my, extremely uncomfortable. Quite right too Veroncia - good ol' fashioned whuppin's are part of Southern values and culture. Something I admire and continue !
Great scene of you Veronica. I imagine you getting switched like my sister and I did. Oh my ! :-)

Naughty Daughter and Strict Mommy Brenda xx