Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"The Royal Brat!"

Mr. Madison could not believe what he had just read. The King wants the "Royal BRAT" to come and stay with him. King Chester is a well liked ruler among the people and it is an honor but the Princess he knows is a royal pain in the ass! She has had a lot of media coverage and it is all negative. DUI's, shoplifting, assaulting citizens and blaten disrespect for all authority to name a few. Mr. Madison is a good man who raised five children even after the passing of his wife. His children are all grown up and on their own and he still works hard as a dairy farmer. He can only afford to pay five men that work under him so the extra free help is good news but he also knows that the Princess never worked a day in her life. On the day of arrival Mr. Madison sent his workers out into the field while he waited to greet the Princess. A stretch limousine pulled up in front of the ranch and a very attractive young lady was escorted out. When the Princess walked towards him he could not believe his eyes. She was dressed like she was going to a night club instead of a farm. She wore a mink coat and a dress that made him blush, just way too revealing for a young lady to wear. Her tiara on her head sparkled in the sunlight and was the only indication that she is of royalty. He greeted her but she just turned her nose up at him and walked in the house without acknowledging his presence. Mr. Madison entered the house to see "Princess brat" sitting down with a frown on her face. At the age of twenty-one she was younger then his own children and certainly acted it. She began to complain about how deplorable his home is. He then told her to change and get ready to milk some cows which infuriated her. She began to swear at him and pouted like a child! Mr. Madison was dumbfounded, if his children ever acted that way he would tan their hides good!!! She is not his child, so what is he to do? Then he remembered the letter from the king. It stated to treat the Princess like his own child and with no repercussions. Perhaps the King needs someone to discipline his daughter. Perhaps the King doesn't have the heart to do it himself. With that Mr. Madison threw the royal brat across his knee's and gave her a very royal spanking. After a month with Mr. Madison the princess became the perfect young lady ready to be a Queen one day.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

What a charming faery tale, Veronica.

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Karl, xoxo. said...

Love this! I especially love the short dress...that's deserving of a spanking in itself!



Ron said...


Love the dress it shows your beautiful bottom being obviously well spanked. Also love mixing ni the black and white with the color shots, nice touch.

Best wishes