Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spanking in cartoons (Memory lane)

Here are some more cartoon spanking's I'm sure you enjoyed as a child. I know I did and still do.


Ron said...

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for the nice trip memory lane, I so loved them.

One comment, I always wanted to see Betty Boop spank someone, what a lap she had!!

Thanks, love em.


Anonymous said...

nice compilation of spanks ,love and spanks ,tim xx

Dave Wolfe said...

Thanks, Veronica! "Fox and the Rabbit" was the first cartoon I saw as a wee wolfie that informed me that I found spankings sexy-- even before I knew there was such a thing as sex!

However, I was never inclined to boys or bunnies. Well, maybe big girl bunnies with fishnet stockings. Say, didn't you wear a costume like that once??

OldFashionGirl said...

Not that I remember Dave, Lol! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Strict and loving mummy ...

I so love this cartoon Veronica. For me, the strict and loving mother figure is at the core of my spanking DNA (oh, and a strict loving hubby too haha !!) And as you know, this is purely because of the very strict upbringing that my sister and I received in Georgia.

I love these original, older cartoons, where bottoms are bared as a matter of routine. Just part of the spanking process Veronica...just as it was in real life with mom back home. Gulp!

Fascinatingly, the newer, more conservative comics of the 1960s and early 70s... (I loved them as a little girl) ...showed naughty lil' missies getting smacked over clothes, not necessarily bare bottoms. My sister and I found this strange Veronica, and talked about it a lot at the time.

Our strict loving mommy would explain in her sugar sweet cringing way that yes, in the privacy of her own home, the naughty girl would be (and indeed should be !) smacked on a bare-botty; but the comics were sometimes too "cautious" or "conservative" to show it.

We found this intriguing. And so sister and (especially) I craved panties- down spankings in cartoons and this lovely one here.

So Veronica, when we daughters were too naughty, and mommy was forced to fetch the rattan switch, we always had our fair, chubby botties bared. Lots of tears and fears erupted, but there were no reprieves. Panties-down was the only way whuppin's were done in our house. A proper fierce sting and appropriate humbling was the outcome Veronica. It was definitely the right way to discipline, and was just part of growing up in old-fashioned 1960s' Georgia.
Thanks Naughty Lil' Brenda xx