Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A traditional slippering

One layer at a time!!!


Ron said...

Ouch, nice shots and love the layers, awesome. Nice slippering too my dear, obviously you slept well?!

Thanks for the hot pics.


Anonymous said...

One layer at a time, Veronica ? Have you gotten six pairs of panties on under your PJs ? :-)

Veronica, when I gotten to college in the 1970s and escaped my very strict, religious childhood (and mother !) in the family home :-) I discovered many new exciting things. Like rock music. Like rebellious "punky" attitudes. And like... boys ha-ha ;-)

I also discovered my fellow girlfriend students who were not spanked by their parents in their childhoods (unusual for my peers born late 1950s) and naturally, I also heard about girls who gotten spanked over clothes, not bare skin. Again, not common in our strict, conservative Georgia suburbs, where "spare the rod spoil the child" was doctrine.

Veronica, I also heard about the Ol' joke that some daughters wore six pairs of panties under their pants, shorts or jammies to protect their tender botties.
Six pairs ?! Oh my !

Sadly, I gotten to wear no panties whatsoever on my chubby, white botty when I gotten the cane from my mother. She only ever punished on bare skin :-(
She pulled my 1950s white cottons down to my knees and then whipped my bare bum with the dreaded spanky-stick (aka the "flexible switch", "the cane" which as kept in the downstairs cupboard) It was darn harsh ! But fair already Veronica. I deserved those whuppin's.

Bare bottom whoopings are the only way in my book Veronica. Proper punishment !
My sister and me sure gotten to take a spanking-threat seriously from mommy back in the 1960s.

And as my two strictly raised daughters will now verify, Veronica (born mid 1980s) you sure gotten to fear a whooped-ass and feel the nasty "hornets nest cane" with your panties pulled down on your exposed, fairy-soft, tender-bearskin !!
Yes....with all six pairs of panties around your knees already Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx