Wednesday, December 1, 2010

" A bare bottom spanking!"

Let's face it the majority of my spankings end up on on my bare bottom but there are a few times that my husband gets right to the bare bottom part. These are usually swift, hard an to the point. Jeans peeled back just enough to expose my chubby cheeks and WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! P.S. The tattoo's I have are only temps.


Anonymous said...

I love the urgency to those kinds of spankings. :)

Lovely photos, again!



Brett B said...

Sometimes we just have to get right to the bare bottom of the problem. Love the sight of those jeans peeled down.

Ron said...


Me too, love the oh boy spankings, giving and receiving.

All good spankings should finish on the bare and yes this me the lover of panty spankings but nice spanking you got here and thanks.

Also, you should be spanked again, your cheeks are far from chubby my dear, your bottom is beautiful as are you.

Be well