Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My husband "the spanker"

It's been two years that I have been posting photos and discussing with you about my everyday spankings and I never really mentioned much about the man behind all these fantastic spankings until now. His name is Antonino aka Anthony born in Foggia, Italy in the 1960's. His mother is of Greek decent and father is Italian. He has three brothers and two sisters and is a middle child. He came to America when he was three years old and his parents settled in the mid-west and from what he tells me his father was a strict disciplinarian. Whipping's for him and his brothers were very routine. The girls got off easy since they just got spanked but he and his brothers received such severe whippings that it was nothing less then child abuse especially in today's world. When he turned eighteen he joined the U.S. Navy and served for four years active duty and is a Gulf War veteran. Upon completion of his enlistment he was honorably discharged and went to the University of Texas here in Austin and that's when we met. He is almost ten years my senior and was in his fourth year at the University, I had just turned eighteen and was a freshman. We met at a local party through a mutual friend and I found him to be very kind and handsome. Since he was older then most he was also very mature and I liked that. We began dating for several months when the world of spanking opened up for me. I was only spanked once in my life time at the age of thirteen by my Uncle Joe but I was always fascinated by spanking ever since I was a young child. The first time he threatened to spank me I was blushing from embarrassment but also turned on. I went to my dorm room and thought about it over and over. Was he really into spanking or was it just some vanilla threat??? Then one day the threat became reality when I had teased him about his attire and he took me over his knee and walloped my rear for several minutes quite hard. He spanked me right in the sweet spot not high on my back and all I kept thinking was this guy can spank! He was very stern the whole time never laughing or joking until he let me up, lectured me and left my dorm room. I was left speechless. Weeks later I provoked him into spanking me again and during the spanking I told him it didn't hurt (I wanted to see if he would bare my bum.) He did and it was a wonderful experience. We dated for almost a year and the spanking's became more and more frequent, harder and longer. Finally I told him about my life long fantasies evolving around spanking and how I loved it when he spanked me over his knee like a spoiled lil' girl. He told me how he loved to spank me and also was very turned on by it. Me a spankee, he a spanker and the rest was history. Spanking became such a huge part of our lives that we decided to get married and live out our fetish until death do us part. He knows I blog about spanking and post pics of our ordeals and he's cool with it as long as I hide his identity and mine to a lesser extent. We are complete opposites. He's quiet, strict and has great work ethics whereas I'm loud, flirty and lazy! A match made in heaven. He is an over-the-knee spanker which means he spanks me exclusively over his knee and I think that has to do with the fact that when he was younger his father made him drop his trousers and lay across the bed, he was then beaten with a thin strap until his skin broke. (It was brutal!) His sisters on the other hand were placed across their fathers lap and mostly hand spanked. His father called it a "the girls punishment" and the only way a young lady should be disciplined. So now you know a little something about the man spanking me all the time. He's a kind, loving and funny yet stern and very old-fashioned man in a modern world. Thank you for being the spanker you are. xoxo

Spanking's mostly take place in our large kitchen. Lots of kicking room!

The sweet spot is where he lands his hand causing me to quiver and even orgasm.

Afternoon spankings, just home from school......

Outside spankings, smoking behind the barn...

Clothed bottom spankings, before going off to work...

Bare bottom spankings, what every school girl deserves...

Night time spankings, he's there to dish them all out! xoxo


Brett B said...

Wow, that was a tremendous bit of background, Veronica. Love your guys story, and thanks for sharing it.

Cheers to all out there who are really into spanking.

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Brett. xoxo

Ron said...


Nice shot and love the hairbrush!!

Best wishes,


Ron said...

Hi again,

Antonio, very nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your beautiful bride with us and thanks for being so open. Thank you also for serving our country.

Sorry about the Horns this year, tough season.

You two are wonderful and a very sexy couple. Keep the spankings coming and nice panties in the first shot and yeah love spankings over the dress, very hot.

Great introduction Veronica, you two are very lucky.

Best wishes

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Ron, wer'e waiting for you to move across the street. xoxo

Libby said...

Hi Doll! Love your blog,and I really appreciate you subscribing to mine.

Austin's my hometown!

Ron said...

Please don't tempt me, I just may!! LOL


Anonymous said...

I am a long time fan of yours, and know you used to appear on an now essentially defunct site The
Brats Place for Spanking, where I really enjoyed your pictures and commentary. I suppose you know they are still up on the World Groups where the site eventually ended up.
I hope you let them stay up there.

Perhaps you could tell us the earlier history of you two and why you chose to take the risk of posting the pictures.

Did you at one time think you would make a commercial venture of it.


OldFashionGirl said...

I just enjoy sharing my spanking's with others. My contribution to the spanking community. xoxo