Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"The naughty list"

It was Christmas when she appeared right before his eyes. Her name was Veronica and she came from the magical world known as the North Pole! While Santa was busy giving out presents to all the good folks of the world her job was to give out coal to all the naughty folks out there. She was reading her list and she already gave 346,987 lumps of coal. Finally her final destination but there was no more coal to be given out. Using mental telepathy she spoke with Santa who advised her to give a spanking in place of coal and suddenly a flat wooden hairbrush appeared in her hand. Anthony was indeed a naughty boy this year! He cheated on his girlfriend, lied to his boss and never visited his poor old mother. Veronica told him that he was not receiving any presents from Santa but instead he was to get spanked by her. As she sat on the couch Anthony's eyes became fixated to her inviting lap! Veronica told him to drop his pajama pants for spankings are always given on the bare bottom in the North Pole. Veronica was very innocent and had know idea that a spanking would turn somebody on but as Anthony dropped his pants she could see his penis beginning to grow. She had know clue as to what this meant and questioned Anthony about it. Anthony did not answer her and was soon draped across her bare lap. His penis rubbed the side of her thigh as she commenced with the spanking. Each slap rang out and would stimulate his prostate sending chills up his back. When it was over Anthony was on the verge of cumming but Veronica pushed him off her lap. As he sat there Veronica saw his member throbbing. Anthony just sighed and thought how he would never receive a present from Santa again.


Ron said...

Oh holy night, that is about as hot as I thought it would be.

So, first off, to take a good spanking makes one that much a better spanker, well done Tony and you my friend, as beautiful a bottom as you are, well you are equally as beautiful as the lap. Wow very hot.

And may we ask what he did with that hard on???

Thanks for sharing and this is as hot a photo shoot as you two have given us.

Again, love a spanker who can take a good spanking, awesome.

Be well and Merry Christmas, thanks for making the scene so normal and fun.

Best regards


OldFashionGirl said...

The hard-on was taken care of right after the spanking but I felt the pics are too graphic to show on a spanking blog. xoxo
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Somebody certainly deserved his own spanking there! :)

Ron said...

Thanks again, you are one hot lap.

Glad you took good care of him after warming his butt, so hot, Love laps who are also great bottoms.