Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thoughts inside my head

And there I lay on my tummy naked from the waist down as my bottom burns. I rock back and forth on my bed to try and alleviate the pain hoping a cool breeze enters my room to cool down my butt. The tears run down my face, I have angered him so much and feel ashamed for what I did. I learned my lesson today but tomorrow has not arrived yet.


Brett B said...

Aw, those are not good feelings, sweetie. I hope a good spanking resolves the issue. Hugs.

Ron said...

That is an incredible post, thank you. Very introspective and well hot as hell. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, love to read them.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

You evoke strong memories of bedtime spankings when I was a little girl Veronica.
Bedtime discipline could be different. For example, if sister and I were punished together down stairs, we were smacked separately. But if mummy brought the little rattan cane upstairs and we were in jammies...then there would soon be two fairest white, tender, bare Princess' botties bent over the bed simultaneously.
The bed facilitated this and the evening context allowed for a different routine.

I think mummy's fury and resolve heightened as she climbed each stair !! Gulp. Sadly, our jammies were soon whisked down to our knees leaving our pale, sensitive botty skins completely unprotected against the dreaded, nasty rattan cane...as indeed they deserved to be ! Mummy was the expert in Southern whuppin' Veronica.

Our bedrooms backed on to the garden and so the neighbours heard everything. And it was very noisy ! And then they would see mummy pulling the curtains as two naughty daughters were told to get into bed with their snuggy jammies pulled back up; and their bottoms stinging to high heaven. Ooooh those terribly harsh, domestic scenes of the 1970s Veronica. Boohoo. Brenda x