Monday, January 17, 2011

I think she knows!

One of my girlfriends was over this weekend keeping me company while my husband was away with some buddies on a fishing trip. During her stay she had spilled some juice on her shirt so I told her to go in my drawer and get one of mine while I wash hers. When she came back from changing she had a stupid smirk on her face but said nothing. A few hours later she left and I went into my room to put some clothes away and when I opened the drawer she had used right there in plain view was a hairbrush, belt and one man's slipper all neatly placed. That dummy husband of mine decided to keep his spanking implements in my drawer. Now a hairbrush (even though it's big and flat) can be found in a drawer but a man's belt and one slipper would be odd, right? Do you think she knows?


Ron said...

Very nice post, maybe you should be very casual and ask her if she was looking at your stuff in the drawer and if so, perhaps she goes over your knee for a nice long panty warming and bare bottom spanking. Of course, you then could make this totally awesome when your husband interrupts your spanking her. The end result is you both get spanked by your husband!!

She knows, let's face it, a slipper and belt, that tells a story. Wonderful if she is curious enough to say something to you?

Hot story, nice post, thanks.

Best wishes,


OldFashionGirl said...

Men and their fantasies. Lol! Hey that house across the street that was for sale is now being rented by some guys from the local college. I saw five or six of them moving their things on Saturday... and the fun begins! xoxo


She could always be thinking that you are having an affair with a long haired, one legged man, who's trousers (pants) keep falling down :)


OldFashionGirl said...

I'm laughing so hard it hurts. That's is sooo funny! xoxo

Ron said...

College boys!! Drive them insane please.

Very funny