Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Motorcycles, dudes, chics, bars, brawls and a.....SPANKING!

Now my husband has become a hardcore
biker dude (only he thinks so) and goes riding with some fellow veterans he met at some local biker bars. One long weekend all the bikers and their girls and wives got together for a road trip. When we got to our destination we stayed inside these small little cabins that are really outdoor hotel rooms. Very nice I might add since it had a kitchen, bedroom and a small 8x8 deck overlooking a wooded area.
The cabins are maybe a few feet away from each other horizontally and we all had to share one bathroom like a huge outhouse. We got to meet some really nice people and some not so nice. We were not the only bikers there and some pretty scary biker gangs were also present. I tried to be the typical biker girl with my denim shorts, boots and red bandanna I wore as a scarf. I didn't over do it like some girls I saw that wore next to nothing. As the week went on more and more bikers arrived to include more and more roughnecks! We decided to go to a bar on the outskirts of town. It was full of bikers, babes and lots of booze.

The bar was nice but as it got later folks became more rowdy. Some of these guys really mistreated their ladies and acted as if they were property or something. One big burly guy slapped his girl on the ass and then bent her over and began to thrash her like there's no tomorrow. Now I'm all for spanking (as if you didn't already know) but this was out of pure anger and the look of fear on her face said it all. The sad thing about it was all his buddies cheered him on. At that point I was about to give him a piece of my mind when my husband told me not to get involved and he didn't want to die so young. He then said he was going to tan my ass if I start any trouble. This rough biker persona was about to come to an end I thought. I reached over and threw my beer in his face. At that moment some dude approached us and said that he (my husband) needed to keep his old lady in check. With that my husband decked the guy and before you knew it 4 guys were on top of poor hubby. The fight was quickly broken up by the bouncers and thank goodness no one was hurt. At that point we all left or should I say thrown out. Once back at the cabin I tried to apologize but my husband said he'll deal with me in the morning. The following morning I woke up earlier then usual, it must of been around 7am. The sun was shining and besides a slight morning chill I knew it was going to be a beautiful day. I was fully dressed standing in the back deck staring off into the woods when my husband approached me. He brought out a straight beck chair and placed it on the deck and told me to sit. I was instructed to wait for him until he got dressed.
I knew what the chair was for and that he was going to spank me right out here on the deck. No one was outside yet but I could hear folks talking from the front of the cabin. To be honest I needed this spanking! I felt so bad for what I put him through last night. I hope he bares my ass right out here and humiliates me like I did him last night. I hope folks see me over his knee getting my ass tanned like a little girl. I really need this spanking to release me of my guilt for causing him so much heartache when all he wanted was to be with some buddies. I mean these guys are all vets, they served their country and I disrespected them. Maybe I was being to hard on myself or maybe not. He soon came out and had me stand up.
I was then lectured by him in a caring voice, he wasn't nasty like the guy beating his girl last night but sincere. I was told how we could of all gotten hurt real bad or even killed. He grabbed me by the arm and placed me across his lap and began spanking me over my denim shorts. The slaps echoed in the quiet morning air and I began to feel some relief.

After what seemed forever, he stood me up and unbuttoned my shorts. He slowy yanked them down and I felt the cool air on my bottom. I was then placed back across his lap for a bare bottom spanking. Why wouldn't he bare my bottom? He was going to teach me a lesson and we both know it's a lesson taught on bare skin.

He spanked me hard but I did my best to hold my tears back. I didn't yell or make a sound. Perhaps it was for fear of someone calling the cops. At least if they see me getting spanked and not fussing they would just think we are kinky couple! Which we are, as you already know this from reading my blog!!! After the spanking I felt so much better and I could now breath easier. This was one spanking I knew I really needed and wanted because I caused my man some bodily harm. I stood up without saying a word, went inside the cabin and cried my eyes out.


Brett B said...

That shows the wrong and right way to spank a girl who has misbehaved. The biker in the bar was the wrong way. When the spanker is thoughtful, deliberate, and caring, then you get the spanking you need. What you did in the bar, I think your heart was in the right place, but it was also very dangerous and irresponsible. Hopefully, the other bikers staying in the cabins saw how a naughty-but-precious girl should be punished.

OldFashionGirl said...

I agree 100%. xoxo

Ron said...

That my dear was an amazing post, wow and some story. Agree 100% with Brett and he said it perfect. Also I would think your husband needed to also show his friends not only how to properly spank a more than naughty young lady but also who was in fact in charge in your house.

I would also bet however once you cried out your spanking, you felt so much better!

Great story but please behave yourself and go back to the scenes and fun but hard spankings!!

Much respect