Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naughty boys read on...

In our house you sometimes see
A naughty boy across my knee.
A hand that's raised in the air
Lands on a bottom, that is bare.
The spanking hurts, it's easy to tell
For after each smack, there is a yell!
But a spanking teaches right from wrong,
And helps this boy to grow up strong


Brett B said...

Would not a trip o'er Veronica's knee,
be a very bad place you would not want to be?
Her hand really stings, she makes you regret,
whatever you did that has made her upset.
The smart thing to do is to simply behave,
Don't make the mistake or try to be brave,
or think it is wise to be very naughty,
as a way to get spanked by a total hottie!


OldFashionGirl said...

You alway's make me blush. xoxo

Ron said...


Said it before and will say it again, as hot as you are as a bottom, well, being over your lap would be heaven, very sexy and nice spanking I know you can deliver. Anytime!!!

Great post


Anonymous said...

very nice Veronica lucky boy .love and spanks ,tim xx

tommyspt said...

wonderful. I have always wanted to see you on the giving end of the spanking. you have always seemed like you would be a no nonsense bottom warmer and i love the picture. hopefully there will be mor in the near future.