Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Reliving his past"

My husband told me about a spanking he witnessed when he was much younger. It was a very domestic spanking and one that probably took place in many homes in the mid-1970's. At first he felt very embarrassed by telling me this story but it was mostly guilt he felt. The guilt comes from the fact that it was his older sister who was spanked, the guilt comes from trauma of being the sole witness to his sister's pain not only physical but emotional and the intense fear and anxiety he had watching it take place. But I think the main part of his guilt is the fact that he keeps thinking about it. He and his siblings got spankings quite often but it was mostly the boys who got the belt across their bottoms in the privacy of their rooms. The two girls got spanked now and then but this one was different. It was different because not only was his sister older but his father bared her bottom and he had never seen a bare bottom spanking like that one until then. Yes he'd seen his brothers get their bare asses strapped and cousins have their pants pulled down while standing for a few whacks but never this. Never an over-the-knee lengthy bare bottomed spanking, this was a first! On that particular day he stood home from school due to feeling ill. His father who worked as a farmer was also home fixing them both some hot soup for lunch, it was around noon. His brothers and sisters where all at school and his mother at work. He and dad just sat down for lunch when his sister walks inside the house with tears in her eyes and hands her father a letter from school. As he began to read it the phone rings. It was St. Catherine's Academy, the high school his sister attends and from the conversation it wasn't good news. His sister was suspended for three days for smoking in the schoolyard. His father hung up the phone and sat back down to eat while his sister sobbed. Then it happened, his father told his sister to come closer so he can speak to her. As she walked towards him he pushed his chair away form the table and threw her across his lap. From what my husband says it sounded like someone was being murdered! She wailed so loud but his father just kept slapping away. He then pulled her underware down so fast and hard that they tore away from her body. My husband said that he was so terrified he just froze in his chair. He could see her legs kicking from the side of the table and her bottom turn extremely red. He had never seen skin turn so red before.She jumped off her father's lap crying and rubbing her bottom and that was that. He just witnessed the "mother of all spankings." I told him that I wanted to reenact that spanking with him and perhaps his guilt would go away. He agreed, any excuse to spank me was fine by him. He positioned the camera to view the spanking as was seen by his eyes on that day. It worked, the guilt gone and I got a spanking out of the deal. Spanking therapy works!!! As for his sister? She recovered rather well and works as a lawyer down in Houston with a great family of her own. They never spoke about that day, never.


Anonymous said...

That certain is a great story, Veronica... So do tell - does his sister smoke today?


JD in Houston

OldFashionGirl said...

As far as I know she doesn't smoke. Lesson well learned I guess. xoxo

Njspank said...


Wow, am breathless. Wonderful story, amazing in fact!

This is picture set you have been teasing us with for a long time, showing us one or two with the promise you would eventually post the set and man it was worth the wait.

Wonderful recreation of a great story and a equally amazing otk spanking. I love your face, the camera angle well just makes some of the shots just so freakin hot!! There are a couple individual shots were your pantied bottmo is well just incedrible and totally hot. This is one for the ages, love your outfit, the panty spanking and the total well spanked bare bottom. Your bottom is just gorgeous!! As are you!

Thanks for sharing an amazing set with us, it will be in my mind for days!!

Be well and man you are just so sexy and hot.

Always and best regards

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ron that this is absolutely excellent, well worth the wait... but what I've been anticipating so eagerly is the spanking with the glass door in the background and the books on the floor - same day, same outfit, different spanking! Something more to look forward to!! (But please don't make us wait for that one


OldFashionGirl said...

Ok Harry, I won't.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story Veronica - thank you. And a lovely final photo of you rubbing your sore botty, hopping and doing the princess-brat switchy-dance ! I know that dance well.

I am relieved to hear that Tony's sister recovered :-) that is the benefit of a god, bare bottom spanking: the hornets nest is harmless and temporary (albeit ferociously stingy for a while, as it needs to be !) My sister and I were strictly raised in that fashion. And oh my, it sure did us good in the long run...and in the short run too, to "adjust our attitude"

Veronica, I am obsessed with spanking fact and my hubby likes spanking fiction ! Our differences are complimentary ! Hubby likes fantasy and role-play and I like realistic mother/daughter, father/daughter domestic and

I was raised in the 1960s in a Georgia suburb in a very strict household with a loving but stern mother who had Christian, traditional family values and who was a huge spanking advocate ! Her lifelong belief was "spare the rod spoil the child". Our Grandma (momma's mom) believed the same ! Oh my, so very strict now in retrospect.

My hubby is from the North West Veronica, and was generally not spanked...until he met me ha-ha ! :-) He is now the world's biggest spanking fan. But I am the strict disciplinarian in our family Veronica. Years ago, when we met, my hubby was so fascinated to hear how my strict mommy whipped my bare white botty with a flexible, rattan switch kept in the downstairs cupboard !!!

I gotten the switch from age 8, and before that the hairbrush and wooden spoon in the earlier years (always panties down, on a bare bum) He gotten to hear the same events and stories from my younger sister who was punished the same...often together with me !!. And of course, the perspective from my strict mommy too !! And my mother also talked about her same punishments in the 1930s/40s from grandma's switchings !

We girls have always been open about discussing spanking. No need for PC. Bare botty whuppin's from parents were just part of growing up and domestic life in the South in the 1960s/70s for us (and in 1980s/90s for many younger girls too) My girlfriend peers from Georgia and also UK/Europe have spanking experiences from their upbringings in common. I love hearing about them. And about celebrities who were spanked growing up Veronica. Oh my, I so love talking about the facts. And yes, for my hubby too already, the fantasy also !
Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx