Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"The bachelorette party" (from a man's perspective)

My wife was about to leave the house and go up the street to her best friend's bachelorette party. She was looking quite sexy that night wearing a little red dress and heels. I became somewhat jealous but I knew she would be with a bunch of girls since no guys are aloud in. About an hour after she left Tim was knocking at my door, his wife is also at the bachelorette party. Tim told me that he just went inside to use their bathroom and he never seen so many penises! Penis cake, cookies dildos etc. I just laughed, I know that it's expected at a party like that. He then told me that a male stripper just arrived and I became a little upset but I do trust my wife, or do I? I told Tim that I was going to spy on the girls and left the house. As I walked up the street I knew I was acting immature and that my innocent wife would never do anything to dishonor me. As I approached the front door I decided to look through the window and saw my wife sitting on a chair, she looked gorgeous, the prettiest girl at the party I thought. I then saw a well built male wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt dancing around the room. He was fully dressed but when he approached my wife and started to dance he whispered in her ear. She then began to unbuckle his belt and slowly lower his trousers!!! His junk just popped out right in front of her! She began comparing his meat with an autographed photo of some other guy, I was about to bang the door down but restrained myself! She then grabbed his penis and stroked it and then started kissing it but I just stood there and watched. I was beside myself! She began to talk and it sounded as if she said, I'm a naughty girl and need a good spanking! The stripper pulled his pants up and had my wife stand up. He then sat down on the chair and pulled my wife across his lap. Was he going to spank her? I never spanked her and had know idea that she was into this sought of thing. She was all smiles as he began to whack her bottom. I have to admit, she looked real sexy lying across his lap with her perky bottom sticking up and her limbs dangling and long brown hair swaying made it even better. I always wanted to spank her but in two years of marriage never had the guts to do it. Now a total stranger is smacking her soft bottom instead of me! I could see her bottom wiggle and watch her grind his lap, next thing I saw was him pull her panties off and spank her bare bottom. He held her down firmly and looked rather stern while spanking her. Her bottom turned red and I could tell that this was no play spanking but was for real. All the other ladies just sat there and watched and you couldn't hear a pin drop except for the rhythmic slaps on my wife's ass. I began to sweat and could feel all my energy leave my body and go straight to my crotch region. My wife was in pure ecstasy, her eyes fluttered and face became flush. I knew she had orgasmed while over his knee. She got up and rubbed her bottom, then he instructed her to stand in the corner with her bare bottom on display. As the stripper left the house, I hid in the bushes. I then went home and placed a straight back chair in the center of my bedroom for she'll be home soon!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure i've mentioned it before....but your blog,your stories and your incredible pictures have to be the best in spanko land!....they are smoking!...Thank you!

Miranda said...

That was a very good story.
Huge turn on.
I so wanted her to be even more naughty first though. lol

Thank you for posting it.

Njspank said...

Yes they are and these pictures are totally hot.

Now I love the nice dress and panty and love the nice panty peaks and spankings, nice and well done barebottom when Tony was done with you.

Hot as hell.

Now, not sure I liked the part about her stroking and kissing the guys dick that perhaps was too far but love the spanking she got. In fact if her old man had spanked her at home maybe she would not be so quick to stroke some dude's junk.

Great post and love the pictures.

Thanks so much

Best wishes,

Njspank said...

I just went pic by pic, wow, very hot.

You have a lot of large members in your life!!



OldFashionGirl said...

Leffers, thanks I try my best.xoxo

Miranda, I'm as naughty as they get but try not to post too much sex related pics since I don't want to offend my readers. Thanks for the kind words. xoxo

Ron, they'll just get sexier (my photos) and she is a very naughty, naughty girl.xoxo I love my members, wink!