Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Butt Bongo"

My husband is a big Howard Stern fan and he has this video which features "Butt Bongo." Howard calls members from the audience to the center of the stage and then the men beat the girls butts like they are playing the bongos in a very public setting. I included two couples here and I especially like the second couple because you can tell they practice spanking in their private lives. There was a few other couples not included as to save time but these two are my favorites.
A quick clip of my husband playing bongos on my butt the traditional way.


Njspank said...

Love Howard as well and he has done a lot for the spanking community!

Love this clip, the blonde is beautiful but I find the dark haired lady just so totally hot, she is sexy as hell. Thanks for this one.

Nice spanling Tony was working on with your lovely bottom as well. Nice lap work my dear.

Thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

Veronica very nice vids 2 very prett y girls on t.v. show and of course you the third pretty girl great to see you in a vid more please lovey ,love and spanks ,tim xx

gentbb said...

I love this!

I always heard about butt bongo but if you aren't from the NYC area, you couldn't get in the old days.

please show the other "bongos".

Thanks for the community service.


John N said...

Great choice with the Howard Stern vid. Nothing like a willing participant!
Also, thanks for your video. I love all of your posts, but I really enjoy your videos. More of yours please.