Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The joke was on me!

During the summer we went on vacation to Miami beach with another couple. We decided to rent a condo on the beach for a week since it is less expensive that way and it was big enough for all four of us. The couple whose names I'll change to John and Jane are real good friends of ours. John is a real practical joker, the sort of guy who doesn't know when to get serious and at times gets carried away with his jokes. One night right before dinner I was taking a shower and John decided to put sun tan lotion inside my shampoo bottle. Needless to say I was not amused. This went on all week until I decided it's payback time! On the last morning of our stay Jane got up early to go for a run on the beach, my husband was still asleep and John was eating breakfast. After John ate he went into the shower and I went into payback mode! I grabbed my camera and gently opened the bathroom door just enough to see John in the buff. First I grabbed all his clothes and towels and threw them in the trash. I then began taking some pictures of John totally nude!!!

My thought process is that when we all get together and look at our vacation pictures John will be startled at what he sees. I then heard a familiar voice say, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I turned around to see my husband was right behind me. John was still in the shower so at first he didn't hear all the commotion. I tried to explain to my husband what I was doing but he felt that I went to far. "Did you get a good eyeful, how dare you!" Then he yelled, "IT'S TIME YOU GOT A GOOD OVER-THE-KNEE SPANKING!!!" With that he grabbed a chair from the kitchenette which was right next to the bathroom and he placed me across his lap and began spanking me. He was spanking me only inches away from the bathroom door. I then heard the shower stop. Omigosh, I thought, John will hear and even worst open the door and watch me getting spanked.

I then heard John say, "hey where's my clothes and what's that slapping noise?" At that moment my husband lifted up my nightgown and of course I wasn't wearing any panties since I rarely wear them when I go to bed. The spanking got harder and then I became mortified when my husband said, "don't worry John I'll get you a towel just as soon as I finish spanking Veronica. She took all your clothes and now she's getting her bare ass spanked!" With that I could see the bathroom door slowly open and John's eyes grew wide as he watched me get spanked. Our eyes met and he said nothing but just peeked through the door which was barley opened. Anthony was oblivious to this and just kept spanking me. When hubby was done with my spanking John closed the bathroom door and waited for his towel. I lied on the bed and began to pout. How dare he embarrass me like that! Who am I kidding, I loved every minute of it but couldn't let them know it. I guess the joke was on me or was it? I still got the pics to prove it.

The bathroom door is to your right.

At this point I looked up because I heard the shower stop.

My eyes met Johns, I wonder what he was thinking?

Here's your towel John. I managed to take one last picture without hubby knowing.

How dare he spank me! Pouty time....


John n said...

One of my favorite scenerios, witnessing the spanking of a sexy, naughty girl. I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

Njspank said...

Wow did you two ever heat up my computer and other things as well.

So first off, how long between spankings was this one? My point is when you misbehave we all know you do it knowing your wonderful husband will turn you over his knee. Plus we know you love when others can listen!!

How hot is your bottom, so sexy.

Also have to ask, wow, your friend was well very up that morning or were those as a result of him listening to your spanking? What did he do with that thing, I would be twice as hard hearing and seeing your beatiful bottom getting spanked!!

Wow, that is a hot story. What happened later, did your lady friend hear about what you did and what you got?

Hot hot story, with a beautiful bottom being spanked, well done my friend.