Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"The Keyhole"

As I was walking down the corridor to my suite I began to hear the cries of a woman along with a sharp slapping sound. As I approached the door I decided to take a closer look by peeking into the keyhole. I then saw a rather stunning brunette lying face down getting a spanking across a mans lap, they both seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. I must admit, I too was enjoying myself for it's not everyday one may witness such a spectacular event, won't you agree?


Njspank said...

Agree 1000%, lucky man got to see something we would all line up to watch!

Nice post and again love the non traditional spanking pics like these.

Awesome thank you.

Be well


Brett B said...

Spectacularly spectacular.

Why don't they make wider keyhole access for us poor peepers? We need a lobby.

Anonymous said...

lucky boy ,love and spanks ,tim xx