Monday, April 11, 2011

Cure for the "lazy bug"

Yup, he found a cure alright, it's called over-the-knee bare bottom spanking with a slipper!!! Ouch!


Anonymous said...

i know i know....i love all your pictures....but this one is absolutely brilliant!....the way the mirror in the bed captures your eye.....fantastic....and sexy as hell!....

Elfy said...

The cure for so many thing, darling.

Rusty Nale said...

One of my weaker traits.

Njspank said...

Ouch is right, your bottom is glowing and well deserved spanking but the slipper, nice touch Tony and well applied.

Beautiful bottom!!

Be well


Anonymous said...

the most wonderfull spankee alover the world


Anonymous said...

It's amazing: the same course of treatment works for me when I'm infected with that particular bug.


-- Carla Marie

Anonymous said...

Yes, Veronica, Oh my ! I know how you feel having the fair skin taken off your bare botty by that nasty, hard, rubber-soled slipper. I remember the feeling over my father's knee as a naughty child in the early 1960s and over my hubby's knee today (well, since the 1980s ha-ha)

Actually, this "skinning" is an exaggeration (no harm is done), a proper smacked bottom is just kind, strict, loving CP already- an unbearable stinging botty ! Perfectly harmless and part of growing up in the South. Why did God provide us with such soft, sensitive, lily-white skin covering our chubby botties Veronica - for punishment from parents, carers, hubbies and partners ?! Sure has been the case in my life.

My father did not smack me or my li' sister with a slipper, we gotten the hairbrush or hard hand from him. Usually OTK and always on unprotected bare skin, our white cotton underwear pulled down, dresses raised, naturally and appropriately. Spankings from mother were much worse already and more frequent (she was the real stern religious spanker !!)

A spanking from mom meant a good switching with the rattan cane. She did not use her hand !! Punishment occurred in the living room. Again we gotten our panties pulled down for whipping on our bare botties from mom - no compromise or mercy. She used to say "spare the rod spoil the child" all the time Veronica !! :-) Bare bottom whoopings were just normal in our house and in the Church community in the 1960s Veronica.

When I became a mother in the 1980s I followed the same principles. My two daughters gotten their bare bottoms tanned with that rattan switch already ! And before age 8 they gotten the rubber spatula on the bare over my knee. My girls and their botties have actually recovered now Veronica ha-ha (they have just gotten in their early 30s) I did not accept PC as a loving mom, and am a staunch believer in CP as my daughters will proudly tell you !

Oh my ! I still feel young in my late 50s but I have known the culture of bare bottom spankings all my life Veronica ! From early childhood to today !
Strict Mom Brenda xx