Monday, April 18, 2011

Discipline done "the old way"

I was at the supermarket the other day and I over heard a rather young mother tell her son that if he didn't behave she would correct his attitude with discipline done the old way. What does she mean by that? I have heard of old-fashioned spanking but never "the old way!" Let me know your interpretation.

Old-fashioned spanking...


Anonymous said...

the old ways are lost
but i love your blog anyway


John N said...

To todays generation, and old fashioned spanking is the "old way".

Brett B said...

I interpret it as she's going to blister his backside.

Aunty Andrea said...

It certainly does make you wonder.

Anonymous said...

I am sure she meant spanking

Njspank said...

Yes my dear, the old way is a good sound over the knee spanking. In fact my friend, when I grew up mom's would not hesitate to spank right there in the store, happened to me at least a few times which was then followed by a much longer and harder spanking when we got home.

Yes, we love the old way as does your husband.

Great post


Njspank said...

Yes my dear, the old fashion way was a good hard sound spanking, no doubt and in fact mom's many times would not hesitate to start the spanking right there in the store, happened to me a number of times and when you got home, she made sure she finished the spanking!!!

Love the old ways.

Awesome post.

Love the banner, so hot!!

Best wishes and hugs

Njspank said...

Hi my friends,

You don't have to publish this but I wanted to tell you I will be away with my family over Easter, so I will not be on for a week or so but I trust Tony will keep that beautiful bottom, well spanked and look forward to reading when I get back.

Have a nice Easter and best regards

Njspank said...

That banner is one of the hottest pics of you, love it and love the panty sticking out and your lovely bottom, love when pics leave somethings to our imagination.

Best wishes

OldFashionGirl said...

Enjoy your time with the family Ron and happy Easter. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi there OFG,

I once overheard two ladies, well into their 50's (commenting to eachother in regard to some bratty kids behavior elsewhere in the store)One said: "sounds like someone needs an old fashioned fanny adjustment." the other agreed and commented "maybe someone should point out the aisle where the hairbrushes are."
I dern near swallowed my gum!

(these ladies both looked quite capable of blistering a bottom in no time flat too!)


Anonymous said...

yes Veronica he would be given a sound spanking for being a little brat to his mummy quite right too,Happy Easter from tim in U.K.xx

Scott K said...

A spanking in my opinion involves position, pain, and persistance. Once all three are achieved the Spanker / Spankie have a strong bond.

Anonymous said...

The "Old Way" is the only way for strict,loving moms and naughty daughters.

Veronica, I was raised the very strict "old way" by my mommy in the 1960s in the South (Georgia). The Old Way was the usual traditional way too for most of my peers.

Yes, I had tantrums and antics in the store and mommmy smacked my bare botty soundly when we got home. That was just part of growing up. She did not spank me or my lil' sisiter in the store, always in private back at home. In the early years, the "botty smacker" implement of choice was the wooden spoon or hairbrush, over mom's knee - and always applied to bare skin. When I was 8 years old mother bought a terrible thin, whippy rattan cane ("the switch" in Southern speak) We then had to bend over the sofa arm. Again, we always got it on bare skin, which as no laughing matter :-(

Mommy was so strict and had strong faith and ol' fashioned family values. Mommy always pulled our panties down so that the switch would sting on sensitive unprotected botties. Proper punishment ! It was unbearable but also very safe and actually harmless. The Old Way does no harm Veronica !
Mommy never used a paddle or strap - always the whippy, thin, rattan switch on our tender bare bums. Life was harsh Veronica. No wishy washy thinking. As a strict, loving mom, I approve of the old way Veronica !
Naughty Lil' Benda xx