Thursday, April 21, 2011


right where I want you!


Njspank said...

I am back and wow what a pic to come back to, what a great otk shot and what a lovely bottom and well spanked too.


Anonymous said...

Gotcha !
Oh my ! When my two daughters were very young, they did not wear those kinda booties !
And they did not get their bare bottoms smacked by their father when they were naughty already...unfortunately !

Yes, Veronica, I was a proud, strict, loving 1980s mother who believed in corporal punishment for my girls; and my hubby was the "good cop dad" who left all the discipline and spanking to yours truly. Oh my !!

Plenty of times I wanted my hubby to deal with his (and my !) misbehaving bratty-daughters (love them to bits already !). I sure wanted him to pull down their panties and take the skin of their lily-white botties with a slipper, strap or hickory stick ! And send them to their rooms ! Just like other fathers punished their daughters in our Church group. To give me a break already, Veronica. I was a working mother and a home-maker mom !

No worries. i sorted it. oh my ! I was a very strict, traditional Southern CP mom Veronica. It all worked out swell. In the early years I gotten a rubber spatula (hard, flexible, a medium-length handle - very nasty but harmless when applied to their bare, tender, pale botty skins, which was the whole idea, Veronica !) and then I dealt with the "terrible princess tens", those bratty years, age 8 onward, with my special trusty lil' cane - which was a thin, flexible Southern switch, applied to their bare bums (always !) and which I had gotten myself on my bare ass from my own mother as a child in the 1960s.

Did my girls gotten timeouts, Veronica ? No sir ! They paid for naughty behavior with the smack of the spanky-stick on the sensitive, fairy-soft skin on their bare, alabaster-white backsides. Just like I did as a child. "Spare the rod spoil the princess brats" Veronica ! No thanks to my hubby's soft approach to discipline already ! My girls thank me for it now. I am in my late fifties and they are now early thirties (long left home) and very happy and successful. Their bottoms recovered ! Even PC moms know that.
Strict Mom Brenda xx