Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"The Italian Master"

When I first met Antonino Salvatore Rinaldo aka "Tough Tony" it was love at first sight. He was almost twenty years my senior but I did not care. His Italian accent was to die for and he always had an entourage of men with him who adored him. Whatever he asked for he got and quick. He told me that he was a business executive and it wasn't until later in our relationship that I found out the truth. He was to go back to Palermo Sicily where he's from on a business trip.
He invited me and I was glad he did since our first night in Sicily he proposed to me but it was there that I found out his true identity. Tony was known as "Don Rinaldo" the head of a very powerful Mafia family in Sicily. He told me the truth since we will be married soon but he also told me that it's "La Cosa nostra" our thing and he'll never discuss his business affairs with me, ever. I accepted this and was turned on that he was a real bad boy if you want to call it that. Call me naive but I didn't care. One day he invited me to a fancy Italian restaurant for a romantic dinner, one of his men was to pick me up around five.
I wore a rather sexy tight dress and had my hair done for the occasion. I spent all morning and afternoon getting ready. At five sharp, Charlie, one of Tony's body guards came to get me. When I arrived at the restaurant Tony was not there yet and I became upset. Approximately one hour later he finally showed up. As he sat down I stood up and began to give him an earful, the restaurant was crowded but everyone minded their own business. As I continued my rant a few of Tony's men just shook their heads in disapproval. The next thing I knew I was staring at the floor. It took a few seconds to register in my head but I then realized that I was face down across Tony's lap! My face blushed with embarrassment, is he going to SPANK me??? As I remained in that position he began to lecture me in a calm voice. I was lectured for several minutes and he told me what was expected of his future bride and that I'm never, ever allowed to disrespect him in public again. One of his men removed his belt from his trousers and handed it to Tony, he then began to strap me right there in the restaurant. I could see very little from my position but no one in the restaurant said a word. They all knew who Tony was and would not dare interfere. During my punishment the stings suddenly increased. I managed to look over my shoulder and became mortified at what I saw. My dress was up and my bottom was bare and on full display!!! I have never been spanked before, especially like this. Tony threw the strap down and began to rub my bottom, his fingers ever so gently reaching between my legs. Pain now became pleasure and I soon realized that I was rather wet down there. He spanked me some more with his hand and then massaged my bottom some more. This lasted for several minutes until I reached the point of having an orgasm. He let me up and I began to bawl like a baby on his shoulder. Tony paid the check even though we have not eaten yet and we both got into his limo. On the way back to the hotel he told me that I'm to obey him since he is not only to become my husband but also my master. He gave me the option to leave him with no hard feelings.... We married the very next day.


Aunty Andrea said...

Delightful story and accompanying pictures.

John n said...

Great story ! Awesome pics ! Thanks.

Brett B said...

That's quite a story, well told and beautifully illustrated.

Rusty Nale said...

Ah, your Tony sounds like a dream come true; don't disrespect him in public, but he can spank you in public ... LOL ... Sweet! Loved the story, and the pictures accented it nicely.

Thank you for sharing. Will be visiting again!

robertopignoni said...

Davvero bello, BRAVI

Njspank said...

Great post and story and an amazing spanking, thanks.


Scott K said...

Beautiful story and Pics. I thoroughly enjoyed.