Monday, April 25, 2011

Needs some color, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Veronca yes your cute bottie needs spanks ,happy Easter from tim xx


Perhaps some various shades of pink with a few patches of pillar box red.


John n said...

There is only one answer, yes !!

Njspank said...

No doubt but your bottom is perfectly beautiful.


becky said...

Yes a good hot pink!!!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, the soft, sensitive skin on our botties is where the "rod of correction" is applied. Our hubbies agree for sure !
I learned that from the earliest age in the 1960s when mommy pulled down my shorts and white cotton panties to smack my bare behind, over her knee, when I was little ! The "rod" was initially a wooden spoon and the traditional, trusty wooden hairbrush.

Mommy used to scarily and cutely say my (bare) botty was "provided by God and Nature" for mommy-approved, kind but strict, loving discipline. I then graduated (age 8) to the flexible rattan switch...again I always gotten it on a bare hiney. No discussion ever. That was the rule. No panties needed for naughty daughters for mom's hash spankings in the 1960s !! No PC or modern, wishy-washy anti-spanking ideas in our suburbs already !

Just good, hard Ol' fashioned whuppin's with that dreaded switchy-stick on the whiter-than-alabaster-white skin of my chubby, cotton-soft sit-upon ! Oh my, yes I sure did the "switchy dance" Veronica
You would get the same as a naughty daughter in my house young lady ! Strict, loving mommies know best Veronica !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx