Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The Spanking Bet"

One night my husband and I decided to have a little bet. If he can guess what color panties I have on he can spank me but if he guesses wrong he needs to massage my bottom with lotion and then I get to spank him. Well he guessed right! I was wearing black panties and that was the color he guessed. I ran upstairs into the bedroom and before he came up I quickly changed out of my black panties and put a different pair on. When he entered the room I acted nonchalantly as I looked in the mirror. I smiled and told him to get the lotion. He placed me over his lap and gave me a very sensual massage. When he stood up I sat down on the edge of the bed and lowered his shorts. I can see by the size of his member that he was quite excited from rubbing my bottom. I placed him over my knee and spanked his bottom red! While I spanked him I began to laugh and told him how he guessed the right color panties and how I ran upstairs to change into another pair in order to trick him. He then placed me over his knee and began to spank my bottom red. It was nice and the love making after was even better.

I slowed down this clip of him rubbing my bottom for you viewing pleasure!!!

Now the photos...


Aunty Andrea said...

I'm sure he enjoyed his spanking and you certainly deserved yours.

John n said...

Thanks for the video and pics ! Love your blog. You provide hope for those looking for a domestic discipline relationship. It can happen!!

Pink said...

Oh my, you two are so much fun!



Anonymous said...

Veronica your cute bottie was well lotioned then well spanked ,love and spanks ,tim xx

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks, I'm glad you all liked this series. It was more of a playful, sensual spanking. xoxo

Scott K said...

Once again a great touch to a another great video! Keep them coming oldfashionggirl :)

Scott Starr said...

Very Nice!
Have you ever taken his temperature in that position? That would be hot! And even better if he took yours!
Love the blog. Keep those videos coming.

OldFashionGirl said...

Yes Scott I took a rectal temp and gave him a prostate exam over my knee. I was a Doctor and he my patient but that's for another time. xoxo

Njspank said...


Love the post and thank you both for supporting the world of switching as well. Too many people think yuo have to be a lap or bottom only, the story and pics, wow he is some man!, tells us that switching not only is fun but adds many benefits to the finale of making love.

Amazing bottoms both of you and actually love your lap, sexy.

Finally, love the game and the panty!!!!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Veronica, this is so darn sexy. Normally I would never write this but your lovely, super ass is turning my hubby on... and me on too. This is a strict, loving spanking blog, but Oh my, the sight of Tony's stiff member is such an occasional, lush surprise Veronica.

What a lovely looking cock Tony has Veronica !! Oh my ! I love the way his foreskin has slipped right back on erection, fully exposing his mauve head. Perfect !! be gently massaged by your fingers and varnished-nails ;-)

I find Tony's cock so sexy Veronica, because my hubby is uncut too, and his foreskin also "disappears" on erection. It naturally slips fully back, leaving his shiny, red head fully exposed. I love this look of his excited member, shiny glans standing proud, contrasted with his foreskin-bound tool (glans hidden) when flaccid. Oh my, too much detail already, your ass makes my hubby soooo excited Veronica.

I am sorry and very naughty to write this Veronica. I am a good, strictly raised Southern girl (in my 50s). Oh my, I need my bare ass whooped as always.
Sexy Brenda xx