Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A loving husband...Part-2

Last week I posted a cool clip from an old Nu-West film. This is the second wife getting her just desserts while the first one looks on.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing another of uncle Joe's treasures; I presume that's what it is.

I suspect that someday uncle Joe is going to discover the internet, and find out what you've been up behind his back, young lady.

And I think you know what will happen then, don't you?

Not that I'm suggesting any changes to what you do here. Keep up the good work, Veronica!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

John N said...

I wonder sometimes, why a witnessed spanking is so intriquing to me? Nu-West produced some great videos. Thanks for sharing these.

Njspank said...

So that hot looking lady in the glasses did get spanked, and oh she was spanked.

Very cool clip, many thanks and hope to read you get the same this weekend.

Be well


Anonymous said...

He's certainly flailing away at her naked butt muffins, but it's a typical stark, dispassionate Nu-West snoozer from the late 80s, probably an edition of the "Spanked Females" series. I still love when you post 'em, Veronica, and know full well that you are 1000% better than any of those ancient models from that pre-internet age. You, my dear girl, are just so damn cute and a supremely hardwired spanko doll!