Monday, June 20, 2011

The art of taking my pants down

Taking my pants down during a spanking took many hours or should I say spankings for my hubby to master. Sure he can order me to stand up and pull them down but that would be much to easy for him don't you think?
Dresses and skirts are obviously easily lifted up, sweats and other elastic pants or shorts are easily pulled down same as panties. Denim jeans or shorts are not quite an easy task for a struggling spankee especially if we are wearing a belt for added support. I asked Tony to share his secrete with all you mean spanker's out there and this is what he said.
"While I'm spanking her I make sure when she is over my lap that her waist line is right in between my two legs. This makes it easy for me to reach her waist line and unbutton her pants, same thing when she's wearing a belt. Then I unzip and slide my entire hand into the inner part of her pants from the top and peel them down over the fleshy part of her bottom.
Once her panty clad bottom is exposed I spank her real hard and right when she bucks up I go for the kill and yank them down as far as I possibly can. Now I have her bottom and thighs on full display. As you all know getting her panties down is no problem from there and soon her entire bottom is exposed. Veronica likes to squirm and kick a lot so I had to really work at it but now I can get those things off her in a matter of seconds with very little effort." Thank you my love for taking the time out to share that with all my wonderful readers. So ladies and gentlemen, next time you are spanking a sassy young lady under protest and she is wearing pants with a belt etc. you too can lower those things effortlessly but perhaps you already knew this or if you have your own secrete please do tell. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Why that's so thoughtful of you, Veronica, to post these helpful hints for tops.

I'm sure a lot of naughty young ladies will be glad you've helped make their spankings SO much more effective.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

OldFashionGirl said...

Shhhhh! Not SO loud Karl! xoxo

Dave Wolfe said...

Tony, you should get a flurry of thank-you notes from young Tops who've been trying to fumble their way to some degree of competency with spankee jeans and pants removal, as well as old hands looking to improve their technique!
Masterfully done!

Oh, and big spanks, ahem, big thanks to you, too, Veronica, for so nobly and ably aiding in the education! You are a fine American! (And damn cute!)

Njspank said...

Great tips and nice to hear from Tony, very sexy as well but obviously he takes his tasks very seriously. Also thanks for the panty spanking comments and some hot hot pics!!

Awesome post.