Monday, June 6, 2011

John Wayne would be proud!

The only way to handle a country girl or any sassy lass is to take her over your knee and give her a sound spanking regardless of where she's at! John Wayne didn't care who was watching or what other people said. He always spanked his leading ladies outside for all to view. He was the man in charge and that's that!


Njspank said...

And a beautiful country girl, your bottom is so luscious in those shorts, well deserved and yes the Duke was a great spanker.

Be well


Njspank said...

Ah and nice orange panties getting warmed up, nice. Tony has a Kenny Chesney look in that hat.


John N said...

Love your outlook! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Yes he was a fabulous spanker Veronica. And so is your Tony !
And oh my, how you look so deliciously cute and naughty in your Daisy Duked Veronica...pointing your naughty bottom and pouting (I'm fetching my switch young lady !)
And I love the way you integrate Texan and Southern themes and nuances into all your ol' fashioned postings.
I had a very strict upbringing in Georgia in the 1960s and so I adore the details and intricacies of your scenes Veronica. They are so insightful and bring back memories of events and constant aspects of my stern, ol' fashioned 1960s' upbringing.
Sound punishment was a normal hazard of being in daughter in strict, traditional Southern households at that time - for me and my younger sister and for our girl friends in Atlanta suburbs.
Mama's whippy, nasty lil' rattan switch was often brought into play ! Oucheeeees. And she would be furious with us.
I recall my sister looking like you in her cutey denim shorts , t shirts, white socks and sneakers. And trembling awaiting a spanking from mom. Suddenly my lil sister put her hands on her head (crying and protesting) and mummy tucked the Lil' switch under her arm. Mama pulled down her cutey shorts. Then followed a pair of sensible, white cotton panties designed in very old fashioned, conservative, faith-oriented, strict times. Veronica, my sister's botty was the whitest in Georgia. Softer and fairer than the cotton fields (sister and I used to say) I was scared, but slightly excited to watch
Mommy used to comment on the tan lines and our deep golden sun tans and contrasting fairest skinned sensitive pale backsides. But without qualms, she gave us lots of switchin's on our bare botties. Very harsh Veronica !! But also harmless and in fairness, decades before PC and naughty steps !
Nostalgic Brenda xx