Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My best friend got SPANKED!!!

As posted on Lisa's face book page:

Tina and I were over Veronica's house yesterday when she and her dad got into an argument over her staying at Tommy Reynold's place while his parents left town. Then her dad asked us to step out of her room and while we waited in the hallway we heard loud screaming and slaps coming from her bedroom.
We looked inside only to see Veronica getting spanked over her father's knee on her bare ass! OMG!!! Can you believe it? My bff got spanked like a baby and I laughed my ass off. I took this picture of Tina also laughing her ass off with my cell phone. Can you believe it?


Njspank said...

I can and just wish I was there, very hot, thanks.

Be well


Anonymous said...

Ha-Ha. How funny Veronica. So creative :-)

Pretty common in the strict South already ! Oh my !

Back in the 1960s I did occasionally see girl friends get their bare bottoms smacked over their mommies' knees in their homes. It was scary but exciting ! And I saw lil' pale chubby botties bared (pretty dresses raised, white cotton panties lowered) in the park and mall too ! Strict, kind moms knew best back then Veronica.

In contrast, my sister and I did not get spanked in front of friends. Our strict, conservative mommy said punishment was for private situations. Naturally, I did see my sister get the rattan switch many times - both on her own and when we got admonished together. Mother was extremely strict.
Standing behind my lil' sis, seeing her sun-tan lines and chubby, whiter-than-white backside exposed (as her panties were pulled down with her hands on her head) and then reddened with the nasty rattan had a big effect on my spanking psyche.

Mother always bared our bums for punishment (not unusual in the 1960s Veronica !!). Initially OTK with the wooden spoon and hairbrush and then when I was eight, mom introduced the "rod of correction"....a dreaded but perfectly safe ultra-flexible rattan cane, aka the switch. And always but always administered on a completely bare botty (mother's very strict "bare botty rule" meant: jammies down over the bed, or panties down over the sofa) ) as was traditional in very strict households back then Veronica.

Sister and I called the "rod", "the hornets nest" It was terrible:-( Senstive bare skin meant maximum sting, appropriate safety and in accordance with mother's Church faith/ideas. As a strict mom, I agree Veronica. Job done !
Brenda xx