Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now how am I going to sit down?

I guess I'll just spend the rest of my day standing!


Anonymous said...

You're a fine upstanding young lady, Veronica!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Njspank said...


And what a lovely view, would hope to be sitting on the couch watching you rubbing your nice spanked bottom!!


Aunty Andrea said...

Maybe you need a nice soft cushion, Veronica.

Emanuele said...

Very Carefully?

Anonymous said...

Veronica is the gorgeous "Little deer with the bear behind"...I so remember these paddles in the store. And mummy would point them out !! Cringe cringe...

In 2015 mommies talk about real estate, but in the 1960s, why did the conversation always seem to move on to smacked bottoms Veronica ?!

My mum was 10 or 20 years older than other mums and was very strict - she had been brought up in the 1930s and early 40s. She prided herself on being strict "mother hen" bringing up her two daughters...well behaved daughters. Gulp !

She often said to mums (in front of me) how she kept a little rattan cane in the cupboard and that my panties were always pulled down so that it would sting on my bare botty. And she advocated other mamas do the same to naughty brats. It really was cringing Veronica, but mummy was proud to talk about domestic discipline for me and my younger sister. Other moms joined in of course.

Other moms were strict too...spanking naughty little princess' bare tender bots with straps, paddles switches and hairbrushes was common. My mummy once showed some moms the cane during a coffee morning at our house !!...how embarrassing Veronica. I remember it like yesterday.

Goodness...it really was the golden age of the smacked bottom. Times change...Brenda x